Faculty Research Awards 2008-2009

Faculty Research Awards | 2008-2009
Author(s) Title Department Amount Type
Albu, Titus Direct Dynamics Studies of Hydrogen Abstraction from Hydroflouropropanes Chemistry $4,000 Research Development
Badoe, Daniel Synthesizing Reliable Trip-Rates for Cross-Classification Cells in Trip Generation Modeling Civil and Environmental Engineering $4,000 Research Development
Brown, Chris Assessment of Predation Risk by the Use of Chemical Cues in the Riparian Wolf Spider Pardosa valens Biology $3,350 Research Development
Eberle, William Graph-Based Anomaly Detection in Real-World Domains Computer Science $2,890 Research Initiation
Hajdik, David Use of Tennessee electronic Library (TCL) to Increase Science and Mathematics Test Scores of K-12 Students Volpe Library $3,250 Research Development
Hauser, Joshua/ Willie, Eric Research and Recording of Works for Trombone and Percussion Deserving Wider Recognition as well as New Contributions to the Extant Literature Music and Art $8,000 Research Development
Henderson, Craig Behavior and Capacity of Masonry Infilled Frames Under Out-of-Plane Loads Civil and Environmental Engineering $4,000 Research Development
Hossain, Faisal Investigating Spatial Downscaling of Coarse Resolution Satellite Rainfall Data for Application in High Resolution Hydrologic Models Civil and Environmental Engineering $4,000 Research Development
Kline, Eugene Reactions in Mass Spectroscopy and Thermal Reactors Chemistry $4,000 Research Development
Knox, Larry Evolution of Two Species of Amphissites from the Upper Paleozoic Earth Sciences $4,000 Research Development
Le Borne, Sabine Numerical Groundwater Flow Modeling: A Novel Nullspace Solver Mathematics $4,000 Research Development
Lisic, Ed Planar Tridentate Ligands: Synthesis, Coordination Chemistry, and Catalytic Studies of New Water-Soluble Thiosemicarbazone Ligands Chemistry $4,000 Research Development
McQuail, Josephine Research African American Literature and Culture to Encourage Diversity English $4,000 Research Development
Northrup, Scott Advanced Electrostatic Modeling in Protein Electron Transfer Reactions Chemistry $4,000 Research Development
Panchagnula, Mahesh A Model to Calculate the Shape of a Sessile Drop Mechanical Engineering $4,000 Research Initiation
Ramirez, Guillermo Micromechanics of Piezoelectric Composite Materials Reinforced with Nanotubes Civil and Environmental Engineering $4,000 Research Development
Stapor, Frank 5000 Years of Episodic Barrier Island Formation in the St. Helena Marshes, Beaufort Co., SC: An Interplay between Sand Supply and Changing Sea Level Earth Sciences $4,000 Research Development
Stretz, Holly Effect of Responsive Nanoparticles Embedded in a Polymer Gell on Solute Transport Chemical Engineering $4,000 Research Initiation
Swafford, Melinda/ Southward, Leigh The Relationship Between Dress and Behavior Among High School Students Human Ecology $5,703 Research Development
Wendt, Jeremy Podcasting in Education Curriculum and Instruction $3,427 Research Development
Yoon, Hwan-Sik Development of a Thin-Film Strain Sensor Using an Inkjet Printing System Mechanical Engineering $4,000 Research Initiation
Zagumny, Lisa Constructing Islam and the Middle East: An Analysis of World Geography Textbook Representations Curriculum and Instruction $4,000 Research Initiation