Intellectual Property

The Office of Research is responsible for assisting faculty in protecting their ideas and implementing technology transfer activities on the campus of Tennessee Technological University. The resources linked from this page will be of use in understanding the protection of intellectual property and in the transfer of technology.

Additional Information
Additional information, including forms, related to intellectual property matters at the University may be found within the Committees Supported section of the Office of Research site.

Since the results of research conducted as topics for M.S. theses and Ph.D. dissertations cannot be held confidential/proprietary, it is important that the research topics and results be open for public inspection. Further, it is critical that students not use work on sponsored research as their topic if the research is to be held as confidential/proprietary. We are working with TBR staff for an acceptable method of handling this issue.

NOTE: If there is any variance between Tennessee Technological University's Intellectual Property policy and Tennessee Board of Regent's (TBR) Intellectual Property policy, the TBR policy shall take precedence.