Undergraduate Research

Deadlines for travel grant applications are the last business days in February, May, August, and November.
Undergraduate Research is actively supported through the Undergraduate REsearch and Creative Activity (URECA!) program.  Additionally, TTU is an active member of the Council of Undergraduate Research (CUR).


The URECA! (Undergraduate REsearch and Creative Activity) Program provides monetary assistance for undergraduates who pursue research and creative activities at TTU through academic year mini-grants, summer grants with stipends, and travel grants for students and their accompanying faculty mentors. The mini-grants are for the academic year with a maximum award of $1,000, and the summer grants are for a maximum of $4,000 including a stipend. Undergraduate researchers and their faculty mentors can also apply for travel grants

For Fall Semester 2013, the Undergraduate Research Steering Committee acccepted applications for URECA! Program Mini-grants until October 18th. Undergraduate research is a student-faculty collaboration to examine, create, and share new knowledge or works in ways commensurate with practices in the discipline.

Opportunities for undergraduate research and creative activities are extensive at TTU and limited only by your imagination. Research and creative activities should be directed by a faculty member within the University, but it can be conducted independently, on a team, and or in an outside facility.

Background: The Undergraduate Research Steering Committee (UR Steering Committee) was appointed by the Provost in the summer of 2011, and consists of members across the campus. The co-chairs of the committee are Dr. Edward Lisic and Dr. John Shriner, and the committee consists of Dr. Rita Barnes, Dr. Tammy Boles, Dr. Susan Gore, Dr. Benjamin Mohr, Dr. Francis Otuonye, Dr. Sally Pardue, and Dr. Melinda Swafford.

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