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Check-In Process

When you arrive, you need to check-in with the Tech Village staff and obtain your keys. You need to review the check-in inventory sheet carefully before signing. The resident should make a careful examination of the physical condition of the apartment, and make notations of damaged or missing furniture/equipment on the check-in inventory sheet. You are responsible for the accuracy of all information on the check-in inventory sheet. Students are held responsible for damages to their apartment during their period of occupancy. During the check-in process, you will be given several important notices that you should read carefully.

Check-Out Process

Each student checks out with the Tech Village staff per term agreement. Students are encouraged to schedule checkout dates during office hours. A staff member will contact you to schedule a check-out time. Remove all personal belongings from the apartment, and notify both the Cookeville Electric Company and Office of Telecommunications to disconnect your services. Clean your apartment by properly disposing of all trash, sweep and mop the floor, wipe off all surfaces, clean all appliances and clean the bathroom thoroughly. Complete the check-out process by appointment with a staff member.

Failure to complete a proper checkout will result in additional charges being assessed and added to your student account.


Residents must sign up for electricity in his/her name at the City Municipal Building located on Broad Street on the day they receive their apartment keys. There is a $45 non-refundable membership fee required along with a $10 service charge. Electric bills are mailed around the 25th of each month and are payable at the City Municipal Building.

Extension Cords

Extension cords shall be maintained in good repair and must bear the Underwriters Laboratory Label (UL) or meet the standards of the National Electric Code, NEPA 70. Extension cords will not be used outside a room in which the fixture outlet is located. Under no circumstances shall any extension cord or electrical cord be spliced. No more than one extension cord shall be used for each appliance. Multi-outlet centers with a fuse can be used. Household type extension cords shall not exceed eight (8) feet in length.

Fire Extinguishers

Fire extinguishers are for fire safety. Check your fire extinguisher on a regular basis to verify that it is charged. Report any malfunctions via work order. Tampering with fire extinguisher will result in the cost of recharging the fire extinguisher, suspension from the University housing and other disciplinary action.


Each apartment has a refrigerator, stove, venetian blinds, traverse rods, and a telephone.

Garbage Disposal

Each apartment has an electric garbage disposal unit. To avoid maintenance problems do not place metal, plastic articles, pasta, rice, grease or bones in the disposal. Do not force-feed or overload your garbage disposal. Remember that water is the most important factor in operating a garbage disposal, use plenty of water when using the disposal.

Health & Safety

It is your responsibility to keep your apartment as well as the porch area clean and to dispose properly of trash in outside dumpsters. Trash and personal items may not be stored on the porch area.

Interior Alterations

No alterations, addition or improvements to an apartment may be made without the written consent of the Tech Village office. No adhesive-backed wall coverings may be applied to any apartment surface or fixture. Only small tacks may be used on non-concrete surfaces. No spikes, hooks or adhesive-backed hangers may be applied to concrete surfaces, but ½ inch hard wall hangers may be used.


Each occupant receives two apartment keys and two mailbox keys. If you lose your apartment key, contact the Tech Village office. We will bill your student account for the appropriate charges. If you lose your mailbox key, you must report it at the Tech Village office. The Postal Service is responsible for all mailbox lock changes.

Light Bulbs

Light bulbs are provided for your apartment at check-in. All of our light fixtures require 60-watt bulbs or less.

Porch Areas

All Tech Village porch areas are to be maintained in a neat, uncluttered fashion without items hanging from railings or toys congesting the sidewalks. No outside lights are allowed. No hanging baskets or bird feeders are permitted. Flower pots and lawn chairs are limited to two per apartment. Children’s toys should be stored under the stairwell. Residents are responsible for keeping their porch and steps swept and maintain in a clean and orderly manner.

Renewal of Rental Agreement

Residents of Tech Village apartments are required to renew their rental agreement 30 days prior to the next term. The renewal of the rental agreement will take place in the Tech Village office during regular office hours. Failure to vacate after agreement term will automatically place lease in effect for next term.


Rent is due in advance and on the day you receive your keys. Water, basic cable, internet access and basic telephone are included in the rent. On the first working day of each month, rent is due and payable at the cashier windows located on the first floor of Derryberry Hall. Students will not receive a written bill for rent; therefore, it is the student’s responsibility to pay on time. The University permits ten days to make full payment without penalty. After the ten-day period, the University assesses a $10 late charge to the student account.


Apartments are provided with storm door and window screens. Screens are to remain properly secured in window/door frames at all times. Removal or damage of a screen will result in a restoration charge being assessed.

Smoke Detectors

Smoke detectors are provided in all residential living areas. It is your responsibility to check the battery often. If your smoke detector is making a chirping noise, please put in a work order so maintenance can put in a new battery. Removing your battery will result in a restoration charge and judicial action.


Waterbeds are permitted.


For the security of your personal property, windows should remain locked and curtains or blinds drawn when no one is home. No items shall be thrown and/or passed through any apartment window. Additionally, windows should not serve as a means of entering and/or exiting the building.

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