Assignment Process


Assignment Process

Resident assignments to Tech Village apartments will be made on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Our office will notify you approximately four weeks before your requested move-in date if an apartment becomes available. At that time, you will be asked to contact our office to schedule a date to process your check-in to your new Tech Village apartment. At this time, you will also be required to provide all necessary paperwork required for verification (minor child(ren) birth certificate(s), marriage certificate, etc.).

Cancellation of Application/Rental Agreement

If for some reason you decide to cancel your rental agreement prior to the establishment of an official check-in date for your new apartment, you will need to complete a Request for Release and/or Cancellation Form or write a letter of cancellation and submit it to the Tech Village office. Once received your application will be canceled and the $100 pre-payment will be refunded. Cancellation of your rental agreement after an official check-in date has been established will result in forfeiture of your pre-payment.

Refund of the advance pre-payment will be made under the following conditions: written cancellation is received in the Office of Residential Life by July 1st for fall semester and/or academic year, December 1st for spring semester, and May 1st for the summer session for the initial semester the Tech Village hall agreement becomes effective.

Changing Apartments

In order to request a change in apartments, your request must be submitted in writing to the Tech Village Office. Your request should be detailed in describing your need for an apartment change. Once you have received permission to change apartments, you should refer to the sections titled check-in and check-out found in this handbook. You will be given five (5) days to checkout of your current apartment and into your new apartment. Any additional days will result in dual rental charges being assessed to your student account.

Maximum Occupancy

In order to ensure the health and safety of the residents in Tech Village apartments, the following maximum occupancy capacities exist.

Unrenovated Apartments:

One Bedroom

Single adult

Married couple (maximum two people)

Two Bedrooms

Married couple with two children

Single parent with no more than three children

Renovated Apartments:

One Bedroom

maximum two people

Two Bedrooms

maximum two people

Two Bedroom Suite maximum four people

No Shows

Your apartment assignment will be held until 4:30 pm the evening of your scheduled check-in date. It is your responsibility to notify the Tech Village office in advance if you are unable to check in by this time. Students who fail to notify our office will forfeit the apartment. Additionally, your application will be canceled and the $100 pre-payment will be forfeited.

Rental Agreement

Your agreement is a very important document. Prior to signing your agreement, you should read over the terms and conditions stated. The agreement outlines responsibilities of both the resident and the University. The terms of the rental agreement cannot be modified in any way by the verbal comments of a University employee or student.

Waiting List

After receipt of your completed application with pre-payment, your name is placed on a waiting list. The status of this list is not published because of the constant changes it goes through. Notification will occur when there is an availability.

Withdrawal from the University

All Tech Village residents withdrawing from the University must notify the Tech Village office and vacate the assigned apartment within 48 hours after withdrawing. All requests for exceptions should be submitted in writing to the Tech Village office.

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