Getting Involved

There are all types of opportunities in Tech Village for you to get involved with activities, decision making and leadership. We want students to be involved in Tech Village and invest time and energy into making the place in which they live better. So do not just sit there, do something!

Employment Opportunities

The Tech Village office employs students to serve as Resident Assistants to the Tech Village residents. If you are interested, contact the Tech Village office for more information.

Tech Village Resident Association

The Tech Village Resident Association (TVRA) is the governing body for all residents living in Tech Village at Tennessee Tech. The purposes of the TVRA are to: work primarily for the welfare of all apartment students; coordinate activities; serve as a channel of student opinion; ensure the students are aware of their responsibilities and constitutional rights; encourage the development of responsibilities, character, leadership, scholarship, citizenship; and create a spirit of unity and service.

TVRA is a group that needs "go-getters." The TVRA brings together students that want to make a difference in their living experience. This group will keep itself busy planning and organizing activities and events. In addition the TVRA will be asked for input by the Office of Residential Life on issues such as policy reviews and renovations. TVRA is a great way to get out of your own apartment and mingle on campus. All residents of Tech Village are considered members of the TVRA. Dues are not collected.

The TVRA is composed of a President, Vice-President, Secretary/Treasurer and 10 Members-At-Large. These official representatives of the Tech Village are elected each fall semester by the Tech Village residents. All tenants who have lived in theTech Village for a minimum of one semester are eligible to run for the office in the elections. All interested residents are encouraged to contact the Tech Village office.

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