Residential Life Policies and Procedures

Abandoned Property

Any abandoned property collected by the University will be disposed of appropriately.

Access to Student Apartment

Tech Village staff and maintenance personnel may enter an apartment for maintaining conditions of health, safety, inventory control and enforcement of University and Tech Village rules and regulations.


The use and/or possession of alcoholic beverages on University-owned or controlled property and the unlawful possession or use of any drug or controlled substance (including marijuana or any stimulant, depressant, narcotic or hallucinogenic drug or substance), or sale or distribution of any such drug or controlled substance will result in possible disciplinary measures by the University whether or not such conduct simultaneously violates state, local or national laws, and may result in criminal prosecution as well.

Alcohol Containers

Empty alcoholic beverage containers, either on one’s person or in one’s apartment, will constitute a violation. Alcoholic beverage containers are not permitted as room decorations. If an alcoholic container is found in your possession, the containers will be confiscated and disposed of, and disciplinary action will be taken.


Television and stereo antennas are not permitted to be installed outside of your apartment.


All appeals must be made in writing to the Office of Residential Life and must be filed within five days of notification by the Office of Residential Life/Tech Village.


All appliances must be UL approved. If an electrical problem develops and becomes persistent, we will have no alternative but to request the removal of some of the electrical appliances.

Appliances approved for apartment use are: television set, radio with self-contained antenna, VCR, electric razor, iron with auto shut-off feature, coffee maker, hot air popcorn popper, crock-pot, clock, hair dryer, curling iron with auto shut-off feature, lamp, heating pad, electric blanket, approved microwave oven, and fan are permitted provided the state of repair is not a fire hazard. These items should be placed on non-combustible surfaces and should not be closer than 18 inches to any combustible surface or item.

Appliances NOT approved for apartment use are: halogen lamp, sun lamp, space heater, window air conditioning unit and any type of gas appliance.

Bicycles, Motorcycles or Boats

Bicycles need to be parked in the bicycle racks when available. Motorcycles, boats or trailers may not be chained or locked to outside railings or posts.

Motorcycles need a parking decal and must be parked in a space in the parking lot. All vehicles must have a valid TTU decal and state registration. Residents are only allowed to have two vehicles per apartment. Residents must request special permission for more than two vehicles.

If you have a boat and/or trailer parked in the grass beside the Community Center, be sure to register them in the Tech Village office. A brief description of the boat and/or trailer along with a picture must be submitted to the Tech Village office. Any vehicle not registered at the Tech Village office or properly parked in the designated area will be towed at your expense.

Bomb Threats

All bomb threats will be considered as real. Suspicious packages, boxes or other containers containing possible explosive devices should not be tampered with or handled by a student. In such cases the area should be kept clear and University police immediately contacted. Residents should evacuate the building immediately and return only when told to do so by University personnel.


Students may not tap into existing cable or tamper with University or vendor telecommunication equipment.


Candles are not permitted in your apartment.

Car Maintenance

Residents are not allowed to perform car maintenance in the parking area.

Car/Truck Washing

Cars or trucks can be washed using the water spigot beside of G-West. The water spigot in front of G-West is for the gardens only.

Ceiling Fans

The installation of ceiling fans or alteration of existing light fixtures is not permitted.

Child Supervision Guidelines

As defined by the Tennessee Department of Human Services, guidelines are as follows:

  1. Children 10 years of age or younger may not be left unsupervised at any time.
  2. Children between 11 to 12 years of age may not be left unsupervised for more than two hours at any time. Children within this age category may not supervise other children.
  3. Children between 12 to 13 years of age may not be left unsupervised for more than four hours at any time. Children within this age category may supervise children but not for more than two hour blocks.
  4. Children who are at least 14 years of age or older may baby sit their siblings.


Because of the concern for liability and the Department of Human Services guidelines for proper supervision, resident students are not permitted to use their apartment for baby sitting and/or as a location for day care. Birthday parties given for children on University property must be supervised by an adult. Children attending the party are the responsibility of the resident. We suggest you have all parties in the Community Center.

Christmas Decorations

Christmas decorations are limited to the interior of student apartments. Lights are permitted only on the inside of your window. Door decorations should be placed in such a manner that would allow you easy access to your apartment and does not hinder the Tech Village staff from using the clip on your door. Exterior lights are not permitted. Live trees are not permitted in University housing due to risk of fire. Christmas decorations must be removed no later than January 2 of the following year.

Cleaning Charges

A list of these charges is available in the Tech Village office.

Clothes Drying

Residents are provided with a laundry facility and dryers for drying their clothes. Any public displays of laundry are inappropriate. Failure to adhere to these policies could result in disciplinary action.


Cohabitation is not permitted in the apartments. Cohabitation is defined, as physically residing in another resident’s apartment on a semi-permanent basis, usually associated with a sexual or personal relationship. Cohabitation violates the rights to reasonable privacy and the pursuit of academic goals. All residents are assigned an apartment, and they are expected to reside permanently in their apartment and keep their personal belongings there. Occupants must be legally married to one another or be a single parent with dependent child(ren). All residents of the apartment must be listed on the lease.


Any resident who intentionally commits, attempts to commit or incites and/or aids others in committing any acts of misconduct and/or violates University policies will be subject to disciplinary action.


You are responsible for your assigned apartment and its content. The Office of Residential Life makes no provision in the budget for the replacement and repair of equipment due to student negligence or malicious behavior. You may be charged for any damage or extra cleaning necessary that results while you are living there. If the damage occurs in public areas and the responsible individual(s) cannot be identified, the repair cost may be prorated evenly among the residents living in the affected buildings.

Damages and/or Restoration Charges

A list of these charges is available in the Tech Village Office.


Tech Village staff will not sign for and/or deliver any packages, flowers, balloons, etc. that are delivered by a commercial carrier. Residents must make their own arrangements for deliveries.

Discipline Process

The Office of Residential Life/Tech Village is committed to providing a safe and comfortable environment for all students. When a student violates one of the policies designed to ensure the safety and comfort of others, the student will be held responsible for his/her actions through the discipline process. This process is designed to be fair, uphold the student’s rights and to be as much of an educational process as possible. The discipline process usually begins with an incident report.

You will probably hear more than a few things about incident reports: who they are for, who fills them out and why and what happens to you if you are named in an incident report. For the most part, incident reports are used by Tech Village staff to document, in writing, an incident that occurs in the Tech Village complex. Usually these incidents are policy or regulation violations that have occurred. They are generally used by Tech Village staff to communicate with the Office of Residential Life the facts of the incident so the Office of Residential Life can take appropriate action. Incident reports also can be used to take down facts about a theft or unusual happenings to let the Tech Village staff know what is going on.

If you are named on an incident report, you may be asked to talk with an administrative member of the Residential Life staff or a member of the Dean of Students’ office. If you are found responsible for the violation, you will be subject to disciplinary action. This action may be on an educational or formal level.

Educational disciplinary action is for minor, first-time violations. Educational discipline involves a one-on-one conference with an administrative member of the Residential Life staff. The purpose of the educational conference is to hold a student accountable for his/her actions. During this conference, you will be advised of your rights as a student and you will be given the opportunity to explain, in your words, what occurred during the alleged policy violation.

If you are found responsible for the violation in question, you may be issued a disciplinary warning, required to attend an educational workshop, referred for formal discipline and/or a combination of these sanctions may be imposed.

Formal disciplinary action is for repeat offenses, multiple charges or major policy infractions. A student charged with formal discipline will be referred to the Dean of Students’ office for judicial action.

Failure to report for an educational discipline conference and/or hearing may result in additional charges brought against you.

Please refer to your Student Handbook for additional information regarding your rights, due process and more detailed information concerning the discipline process.


The Office of Residential Life/Tech Village is committed to the education of a nonracial identifiable residential population. As a result, it is the department’s policy to not discriminate with regard to gender, sexual orientation, religious belief, interests, and race pertaining to housing assignment and reassignment, staffing, residence education, and assistance.


In the event that an earthquake occurs which may affect the Tennessee Technological University campus, please be aware of the following tips.

A. Before An Earthquake Occurs

  1. Keep on hand a flashlight and possibly a portable radio, both with fresh batteries.
  2. Place large and heavy objects on lower shelves. Bottled goods, glass and other breakables should not be stored in high places or left where they can slide freely on shelves.
  3. Remove heavy picture frames, mirrors and other heavy objects away from the bed or desk.

B. During An Earthquake

  1. First and foremost, stay calm. Think through the consequences of any action you take.
  2. If you are outdoors, stay outdoors; if you are indoors, stay indoors. Most injuries during earthquakes occur as people are entering or leaving buildings.
  3. If you are indoors, take cover under a heavy desk or table, or in doorways, halls or against inside walls. Stay away from glass.
  4. If you are outdoors, move away from buildings and utility wires. The greatest danger comes from falling debris just outside of doorways or outer walls. Once in the open, stay there until the shaking stops.
  5. If you are in a moving car, stop as soon as you can, but stay in your car. A car may shake violently on its springs, but it is a good place to stay until the shaking stops. When you drive on, watch for hazards created by the quake. Some of these hazards include fallen or falling objects, downed electrical wires, or broken or undermined roadways.

C. After An Earthquake

  1. Be prepared for additional earthquake shocks called “after shocks.” Although most of these are smaller than the main shock, some may be large enough to cause additional damage.
  2. Stay out of severely damaged buildings. After shocks can shake them down. University officials and Tech Village staff will inform you when it is safe to reenter the building.
  3. Check for injuries. Do not attempt to move seriously injured persons unless they are in immediate danger of further injury.
  4. Do not smoke. Gas leaks could make a cigarette your last. Do not use candles, matches, or other open flames because of possible gas leaks. Douse all fires. Do not turn on the lights.


Students residing in Tech Village apartments must be enrolled as full-time students for the term in which they live in the apartment. Summer enrollment for current residents is not required as long as the students meet one of the following conditions:

  1. Pre-registered for the next applicable semester.
  2. Submitted a signed letter of intent to the Tech Village staff office stating plans for continued enrollment.


The unauthorized possession, ignition or detonation of any object or article which could cause damage by fire or other means to persons or property or possession of any substance which could be considered to be and used as fireworks is prohibited.

Fire Safety

When you have been alerted by the alarm, shouted warning or the sensation of smoke or fire, please follow these instructions:

  1. If there is smoke in the room, keep low to the floor.
  2. Before passing through any doorway, feel the door. If it is hot, do not open the door.
  3. Before opening a door, brace yourself against the door and open it slightly. If heat or smoke is present, close the door and stay in the room.
  4. If you cannot leave the room, open the window.
  5. To attract the fire department’s attention if you are trapped, wave an object out the window. If there is a phone in your room, call University police and report you are trapped; give the room number and specific location.
  6. If you can leave a room, close all doors behind you as you exit.
  7. Go to the nearest exit or stairwell.
  8. If the nearest exit is blocked by fire, heat or smoke, go to an alternate exit.
  9. If all exits from a floor are blocked, go back to your room, open the windows, wave something out the window, and shout for help.
  10. After evacuating a building, students should proceed to the parking lot area. Emergency apparatus will be maneuvering around the building.

Follow the directions of fire, police and Tech Village personnel.


No gambling in any form is allowed.


Bouncing basketball, skate boarding, frisbee throwing, dart throwing, roller blading, golfing, use of archery, water sports, playing catch or any other similar activities or games are prohibited inside or near any building or parking lot because of the possibility of damage and the resulting noise. The use of other games posing a threat to resident safety or facilities maintenance also is prohibited.

Graduating Policy

Graduating students should plan to vacate the residence at the end of the term. All requests for exceptions should be submitted in writing to the Tech Village office.


Students who have a grievance against a Tech Village staff member should, if appropriate, first discuss the matter with the staff member. If the differences cannot be resolved, the student may file an appeal in writing to the Associate Director of Residential Life. If the grievance is not resolved satisfactorily with the Associate Director, the student may file written appeal to the Director of Residential Life, followed by the Vice President of Student Affairs and the President of the University.


Because of the risk of fire, outdoor grills are not allowed. Gas grills are provided behind the Community Center.


Guests are permitted, but their stay must be limited. For stays longer than one week, contact the Tech Village office. Residents with unauthorized occupants may be subject to lease cancellation and/or disciplinary actions.

Hate Crimes

Racism, in all forms, whether individual or institutional, is a moral outrage. Racism, sexism, anti-Semitism, and homophobic acts cannot be allowed to exist in our apartment complex. Please report all such acts to the Director of Residential Life.


Hazing is not permitted in or around the complex. A complete description of hazing is included as part of the Student Code of Conduct contained in the Student Handbook.


Because the odor may be offensive to some people and because it constitutes a fire hazard, the burning of incense and all incense paraphernalia is not allowed in the apartment.

Lock Outs

From time to time, you may lock yourself out of your apartment. Carrying an apartment key is an individual responsibility; however, assistance is available at the Tech Village office. Photo identification is required for all lock-outs.

Lounge Furniture

Furniture in the Community Center and laundromat is for the enjoyment of all residents and their guests. Lounge or laundromat furniture may not be removed or rearranged.

Loft Beds

What is a loft?

A loft is a raised frame built up from the floor to hold a bed.  Some students prefer a loft bed as it provides more floor space within the room.

Students can either rent a loft, build one or neither.  A loft may be used in all Tech Village apartments.

If you choose to rent a loft, please go to and select Tennessee Tech University from the drop down menu. You do not need to specify the room number on this application as the student will pick up the rented loft at the beginnings of the semester.  From there you can select which option you would like.

Building a loft bed:
If you choose to build a loft bed you must be aware of the following information:

A Loft Construction Request Form can be secured from the Associate Director, Tech Village Office, 920 Laurel Avenue, Cookeville, TN  38501, phone number is 931 372 3271.

Musical Instruments

Although you may call yourself a musician, your neighbors may not agree. Therefore, playing musical instruments in the apartment is not permitted. Practice rooms are located in the Bryan Fine Arts Building.

Multi Plugs

The use of multi plugs is not allowed in the apartments.


Tech Village exists to support the academic mission of the University. Quiet and courtesy hours provide standards of acceptable noise levels for study, sleep and privacy. During quiet hours, 10 pm to 10 am, all noise must be contained within the individual's apartment and at a level, which is not disruptive to other residents. During final exams, 24-hour quiet hours are in effect beginning at 6 pm forty-eight (48) hours before the first day of exams and extending until after the last exam.

Courtesy hours are in effect all the time. Courtesy hours are defined as noise levels appropriate for complex living and not disruptive to others. This policy governs activities in individual apartments and outside the close proximity to buildings.

Tech Village staff members are available to assist you in resolving noise related problems. It is always best to attempt to resolve such problems directly before staff is asked to intervene.

Open Flames

Items, which require the use of flammable liquids or an open flame to operate, or which produce heat (i.e. Bunsen burners, lighted candles, alcohol burners and incense) are not allowed in the apartment.


Residents are responsible for the actions of their guests and for complying with TTU housing policies and standards conducive to a residential community.


With the exception of fish aquariums not exceeding 20 gallons and approved seeing-eye dogs, pets are not permitted in University housing. Fish aquariums may be used for fish only. Furthermore, no pets may be kept in a close proximity of your apartment.


A specific bulletin board marked GENERAL CAMPUS POSTING ONLY is provided in the laundromat. Individuals and/or groups wishing to post information must obtain permission from the Office of Residential Life/Tech Village. All information posted must comply with the rules and regulations for posting as outlined by the University. Tech Village staff will remove information that does not have approval of the Office of Residential Life and/or that is improperly posted immediately. Information signs or other decorations may not be displayed in windows interior and/or exterior of any apartment building in Tech Village. Banners may be allowed with special permission. No types of door decorations, stickers, signs, or other adhesive material may be placed on the exterior/interior of any building.

Power Strips

The use of UL approved power strips with a built-in circuit breaker is required on appliances and other electronic devices used inside an apartment.

Proper Disposal of Needles and Sharp Instruments

Contaminated needles and other contaminated sharp instruments should be placed in appropriate containers as soon as possible. Needles and sharp instruments should not be bent, recapped, sheared or broken. Containers should be closeable, puncture resistant, color-coded red or labeled with a biohazard symbol, leak-proof on the side and bottom, maintained in an upright position, replaced routinely, not allowed to over fill and be closed immediately. Proper containers can be purchased at Health Services and returned to Health Services when full for proper disposal.

Public Areas

Public areas in Tech Village are for use and enjoyment of all residents. Individuals wanting to sponsor private social events should make arrangements to use other campus facilities. The grounds outside buildings may not be used for private social events either.

Release of Private Information

Release of private information to students or other interested parties is generally not permitted. For the protection of our residents, the Tech Village office will not release ANY type of information to requesting parties not serving in an official capacity with the University. Request for directory information--telephone numbers and campus box numbers--should be made to University Information.

Students requesting directory information not to be released should contact the Records Office in Derryberry Hall.

Restricted Areas

Certain areas in and around the complex are off limits to residents. These include but are not limited to roofs, ledges, mechanical room, crawl spaces, etc.

Sewer Lines

Under no conditions should any bulky material be flushed into the sewer system. Clogging of sewer lines can affect all the residents in your building. Flooding can occur in apartments and cause damage to furniture and personal belongings.

Smoking/Tobacco Use

Tennessee Tech's campus became a non-smoking, tobacco-free campus as of January 1, 2010. Students, faculty, staff and all visitors will no longer be allowed to smoke or use any tobacco products in all University buildings, on all University grounds, TTU affiliated off-campus locations and facilities, and all state vehicles.  Smoking outdoors on campus will not be allowed; tobacco usage will be permitted only in private vehicles.


Solicitation for purely commercial purposes is prohibited in Tech Village by off-campus agencies or commercial enterprises or by students acting on their behalf. This includes magazine sales people. Please contact the University police if you witness any solicitation in the Tech Village complex.

To protect students against fraudulent involvement, sectarian promulgation, interruption of their studies, and to ensure that the property of the University is not used for monetary gain, door-to-door soliciting, sectarian promulgation or political propaganda distribution in Tech Village is prohibited. Fund raising in University housing is limited to official residence life organizations and approved University organizations.


All surveys conducted in Tennessee Technological University housing must have the prior approval from the Director of Residential Life. Surveys will be limited to assessments of the quality of residence life, specific issues affecting campus life, University-sponsored surveys and official U.S. government business.


If you feel that something has been stolen from your apartment, contact your Tech Village staff and the University police. The University assumes no liability for the loss of personal property. We recommend you lock your door upon leaving your apartment, regardless of the anticipated time of absence.

Traffic Control/Road Signs

Traffic control/road signs are not allowed on state property and will be confiscated by Tennessee Tech University police.

Transportation for Emergencies

Tech Village staff members are not permitted to transport students requiring medical assistance. When such assistance is required, University police should be notified.

Tornado/Severe Weather

During the fall and spring, we become especially concerned with the possibility of tornadoes and severe weather. Tornado “weather” is usually a hot sticky day with southerly winds and a threatening, ominous sky. Clouds are often a greenish-black color. Tornado warning means a tornado has been indicated on radar or has actually been sighted. When a tornado warning has been issued, the Putnam County Emergency Management Agency activates the county-wide sirens, as well as the Tennessee Tech sirens. If necessary, the Tennessee Tech siren system can also be used as a voice-broadcast system to alert the campus of impending danger. In the event of a tornado warning, follow the instructions below.

Inside Tech Village:

  1. Proceed to the lowest floor of the building.
  2. Remain there until otherwise notified.
  3. If you live on the lowest floor of the building, you may be asked to open your apartment to residents from the upper floor.
  4. Stay away from the windows, desk, beds, etc.
  5. A battery operated radio and flashlight would be very helpful. Tune your radio locally to WTTU (88.5 FM), WHUB (1400 AM), WGSQ (94.7 FM).

Outside Tech Village:

  1. If in another building, proceed to the lowest floor and remain there until otherwise notified.
  2. If outdoors with no shelter available, lie flat in a nearby ditch and shield your head with your arms.


Residents are not permitted to leave trash on the porch. Dumpsters are provided for your use and located throughout the Tech Village complex. Residents are expected to use these dumpsters for disposal of trash. Students found guilty of improperly disposing of trash or vandalizing the dumpsters will be subject to assessment and disciplinary action. A recycle bin has been added behind Building X East.


Weapons are not allowed in Tech Village or anywhere on property owned or operated by Tennessee Technological University. State law prescribes a maximum penalty of six years imprisonment and a fine not to exceed $3,000 for bringing weapons on school property. Violation of this law is a felony. Even individuals with handgun permits may not bring handguns on property owned or operated by Tennessee Technological University.

Yard Sales

Approval for yard sales will not be given to an individual student except when acting on behalf of the Tech Village Resident Association.


TTU is a Constituent University of the Tennessee Board of Regents/279-0824-01/An EEO/AA/Title IX/Section 504/ADA University.