Residential Life Personal Safety

24-Hour Emergency

The 24-hour telephone number for the University Police is 931 372 3234. Please call this number for on-campus police protection and services. All emergencies should be reported directly by calling 911, the 24-hour emergency number for Cookeville fire, police and medical assistance. All 911 calls are monitored by University police.

Around Campus or in Town

  1. Avoid walking alone at night; take a friend if you must go.
  2. Look alert; eliminate the potential attacker’s element of surprise.
  3. Carry your keys in your hand; this helps avoid fumbling in the dark. Keys carried in your fist, one between each finger, can be used as a defensive weapon.
  4. Vary your daily patterns; some attackers stalk their victims, knowing just where and when to strike. Keep them confused.
  5. Pay attention to your surroundings. Where is the best-lighted route? Where can you run for help if necessary?

Emergency Telephones

Emergency telephones have been installed on campus to enhance safety and security. The emergency phones, identified by a dull, blue light, are activated by pressing the button whether a person speaks into the intercom or not. When a phone is activated the light will flash. University police officers will know the location of the phone being used and will respond to that location. Emergency phones can be found in the following locations:

Crawford Hall 710 Quadrangle
Intramural Baseball Field 345 University Drive
Maddux/McCord Halls 720 N. Peachtree Avenue
Memorial Gym 810 Quadrangle
Murphy Hall (Behind Murphy)
25 Golden Eagle Circle
Tech Village Laundry Tech Village Laundry
Tennis Courts 1995 N. Willow Avenue
University Library 100 N. Peachtree Avenue
Evins Hall 715 Stadium Drive
Cooper Hall 105 W. Seventh Street
Ellington Hall 130 W. Eighth Street
Jobe Hall (Parking Lot)
35 Golden Eagle Circle
New Hall South S.Side Front 905 N. Dixie Avenue
New Hall South E. Side Rear
905 N. Dixie Avenue

If You Are Attacked

Report to the University police and the Tech Village office any situation that you feel is dangerous to your health, safety or well being. This includes physical or verbal abuse, an immediate threat of abuse and any sexual or racial harassment.

  1. Keep your wits about you. Some times struggling can save you; sometimes it can antagonize the attacker.
  2. Consider passive resistance; try talking to your attacker in a calm manner.
  3. Report any attack to University Police and to a Tech Village staff member.
  4. Seek medical attention if necessary.

Operation ID

University police offers a program designed to help you protect your personal property. Contact University police if you wish to have personal items (television, VCR, computer, etc.) engraved and registered.

Personal Safety Tips

Here are some important tips to protect yourself in your apartment, around campus and in town.

  1. For personal safety and to keep your valuables safe, keep your door locked at all times.
  2. Follow health and safety regulations listed in your handbook.
  3. Do not open the door until you ask, “Who is it?”

State Board of Claims/Injury or Property Damage

If you feel you have suffered either personal injury or property damage due to negligence by a University official or University equipment, there is a process outlined in the Tennessee Code Annotated (TCA-9-9-207) by which you can file a claim. The State Board of Claims will hear the case and decide if the complaint is legitimate. All claims must be properly filed within one year from the date of the damage or injury. Any student who wishes to file such a claim should notify the Business office.

Student Personal Property Insurance

The protection of personal property is the individual's responsibility. Students are encouraged to review their parents’ homeowners insurance policy for adequate coverage and/or obtain personal renter's insurance.

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