Campus-wide Emergency Notification Plan

In case of an emergency for which the entire campus must be notified, TTU will have several systems in place to reach as much of the university population as possible.

1. TTUAlert text messaging system can send an alert to any student, faculty or staff member who has registered his/her cell phone number into the RAVE information system database. Registration details are available online at

2. Broadcast e-mail messages can be sent to all campus e-mail addresses for students, faculty and staff.

3. Alerts can be posted on the web at the TTU home page (, on TTU's Facebook site, and at

4. The single-point activation PUBLIC ADDRESS systems in the following buildings will announce emergency warnings over the fire alarm speakers within the buildings and can be activated from a single location.

Roaden University Center Bruner Hall
Bryan Fine Arts Building Brown Hall
Johnson Hall Prescott Hall
Pennebaker Hall Browning Res. Hall
Henderson Hall Evins Res. Hall
Bartoo Hall Cooper Res. Hall
Health & PE/Memorial Gym Dunn Res. Hall
Matthews/Daniel Halls Warf Res. Hall
University Services Bldg Ellington Res. Hall
Lewis Hall
Foster Hall
Eblen Center

5. For those buildings where the new fire alarm system has not yet been installed, a TELEPHONE SPEAKER P-A system will announce emergency warnings over the digital phone speaker.

Maintenance Complex buildings
Fitness Center
East Stadium
West Stadium

The following buildings will have the new fire alarm/single-point P-A system installed later in 2008, but will use the telephone speaker P-A (paging) system in the meantime:
South Hall
Jere Whitson Hall
Kittrell Hall
Derryberry Hall
Health Services (Infirmary)
Old Maintenance Building
T.J. Farr Building (new fire alarm system has P-A capabilities, but is currently not linked to the single-point activation system)
Library (has its own PA system - not campus linked)

The Appalachian Center for Craft and the Hyder Burks Ag Pavilion each has its own separate phone and fire alarm systems.

6. Residential buildings (dorms and Tech Village apartments) that do not have the fire alarm PA system installed will be notified using the REVERSE 9-1-1 county-wide web-based Communicator program to telephone rooms within the residence halls and in Tech Village. The system will dial 60 phone numbers at a time. For that reason, a programmed ring-down system will begin dialing numbers in a specified order.

7. Outdoor sirens can be activated during an emergency situation. The primary purpose of the sirens is to warn anyone outdoors of the emergency. A public address system on the siren may be used. It can be activated from a single location or at the siren itself.

8. Local and regional media - radio and television stations - will be notified as needed.

9. As a last resort, P-A systems on University Police cars can be used.