Hazardous Waste Management

TTU is committed to the responsible management of Hazardous Waste and other regulated waste activities. Before submitting a Hazardous Waste Pick-up Request  (PDF), Environmental Health and Safety encourages personal to assess whether the material may be used by another operation. Where possible, users are encouraged to transfer unwanted material to others who will be able to use the material within the next 6 months. To prevent the accumulation of materials that "may" be used "someday", it is better to dispose of the material if it will not be utilized within the 6 month period.

The person generating the waste is responsible to ensure that the container is in compliance with Hazardous Waste requirement when waste is first added to the container (Items 1-6a of the Tennessee Tech University Generator Checklist ).

All hazardous materials must be disposed of in accordance with Federal, State, and Local regulations. For disposal of hazardous waste please review the HAZARDOUS WASTE MANAGEMENT AND SATELLITE ACCUMULATION AREA GUIDE



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