Office of Communications & Marketing Crisis Communication Plan

Guidelines for Communications Decisions:

Action Plan:

Once the EDRP has been put into effect and the EOC has been implemented the following should occur concerning a crisis on campus:
1. A crisis management team (CMT) comprised of all EOC members, the Associate Vice President for Communications & Marketing, the Dean of Students and the Campus Police Chief will convene at the Emergency Operations Center.

2. The CMT will decide on an official crisis spokesperson and an alternate. The designated spokesperson will speak for everyone. As the emergency diminishes, the spokesperson's role can be assigned to someone else, but at least in the initial stages of the emergency, all inquiries and questions should be referred to the spokesperson.

3. CMT members will begin to notify families of those affected by the crisis (if applicable).

4. All media and public inquiries will be referred without comment to the CMT spokesperson or the Office of Communications & Marketing. Only the official spokesperson and alternate will articulate the university's position upon the authorization of the President or the CMT.

5. The Office of Communications & Marketing will take the information provided by the spokesperson and begin disseminating the information to the campus community, then the media, and then the public at large.

6. The CMT and/or its spokesperson MUST be kept abreast of all details of the emergency. The most important questions needing to be answered are:

Communications Plan:

Because most of these questions will have to be answered by someone on site of the emergency, it is most likely that a campus police officer will relay this information to the spokesperson. The two must maintain contact throughout the ordeal. The spokesperson must also maintain contact with the Office of Communications & Marketing to ensure that information is disseminated quickly and accurately.

1. The Office of Communications & Marketing will begin disseminating information to the campus community via:

2. Press conferences will take place in the Roaden University Center Tech Pride Room, unless prohibited by the crisis. Media waiting stations will be created on the third floor of the University Center near the Office of Communications & Marketing in RUC 342 and/or some of the available empty classrooms.

3. Offices maintained by Career Services for interviews will be opened to the media for telephone and outlet usage.

4. The Office of Communications & Marketing will provide comprehensive follow-up information to the campus community, media and public-at-large once the crisis has ended.