Local Judges for Your Science & Engineering Fair

Acquiring Judges for Your School's Local Science & Engineering Fair
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When obtaining judges for your school or county science and engineering fair, don't forget to look in your own community!

While the Oakley STEM Center is more than happy to assist your science fair efforts by providing 2-3 judges from the TTU campus, we also want to encourage you to involve your community and other school stakeholders as much as possible.  

Information & Assistance
Remember, we are here to assist you and help you run a successful, local fair.

If you have any questions about obtaining local or TTU judges, email Kelly Ramey, Co-Director of Regional Fair at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it .
  • In order to provide the best judging, any individual judge should not be asked to look at more than 30 boards (depending on grade level and complexity).
  • Please arrange to have enough judges to adequately cover your fair, and we ask that you have your boards narrowed down to the top 60 for judges that are requested through the Oakley STEM Center/TTU.

Ideas for obtaining judges for your school/county fair:

  • Ask teachers from another school in your county or from a neighboring system.  
    • It's likely that they will also need judges, and you can volunteer your time in exchange.
  • Ask local biomedical professionals such as doctors, veterinarians, pharmacists, etc.  
  • Ask business leaders/professionals, such as bank officials, small business owners, attorneys, etc.
  • Do you have government agencies with offices in your community? 
    • TWRA, Department of Forestry, NRCS, Agriculture Extension Office, Health Department, TDEC, etc. all have highly qualified professionals that would make excellent judges.
  • Ask some of your own recent graduates who are enrolled in college for education, science, math, or engineering.
    • It is especially easy to attract education majors with the possibility of adding another school-related extracurricular activity to a resume!
    • If you have practicum or residency students from TTU, ask them!
    • Again, it is very beneficial for pre-service teachers to add volunteer activities to their resumes.
    • For elementary science fairs, it could be possible to ask high school students to judge some of the lower grade-level projects.
      • Ask your high school science teachers to pass the opportunity along to their BEST science students.


Things to Consider

When you are involving your community members, you may have some hesitations or concerns from possible perceptions and/or accusations of persons "playing favorites" or family ties.

  • REMEMBER – your students' projects should NOT display names or recognizable pictures of the students.
  • Photos should be of the project, not the student.  
    • If it's necessary to include the student it should be as anonymous as possible (only show hands, etc.).  
  • You can still allow family members to judge projects - simply ask them to judge a different grade level or category from the one their family members have entered.  
  • Your community judges can be used to narrow down your projects to a manageable group of finalists from each category for the TTU judges, or alternatively, you can assign community judges to some categories and your TTU judges to other categories.


Requirements that schools/counties MUST agree to follow if requesting Science & Engineering Fair judges through the Oakley STEM Center/TTU:

  • Judges will evaluate a total of 60 projects/boards or less per fair – any grade or category.
  • Schools or counties must request judges a minimum of 2 weeks prior to their fair.
  • If fairs are canceled due to inclement weather, a request for judges for the rescheduled fair date must be submitted 2 weeks in advance of rescheduled fair date.
  • Judging must be closed to the public at your fair. 
    • Only judges, students and the fair coordinator or a designated substitute may be present during the judging process. 
    • No parents or guardians may be present during judging.

Request Judges from the Oakley STEM Center/TTU

  • To request judges for your school or county fair, please contact Kelly Ramey, Co-Director at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it .


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