SCMI Application Information

Applications are now entirely online using the TTU Marketplace system.

Before you apply, be sure to have the following information available:

  • Student's name, address, e-mail address for all SCMI correspondence, phone number, adult t-shirt size, year of graduation, instrument
  • Know if the student was selected this year for their TOP Regional Band/Orchestra/Jazz Band or All-state Band/Orchestra/Jazz Band
  • Know whether the student selected for their state's Governor's School for the Arts
  • MTNA rating (if student is a pianist)
  • Credit card to pay the $50 deposit online at the time of application.
  • Teacher's e-mail address for reference. You no longer have to send in a teacher's letter. They will be contacted to send a reference via e-mail. Please confirm that you have the correct address prior to applying to SCMI.

Apply online now at

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