About Alicen

Alicen Long SOA Quote

What is your favorite thing about TTU?

My favorite thing about TTU is that the people are quite friendly. There’s always something to talk about with anyone and everyone.

What is your most memorable TTU experience so far?

SOAR was really one of most memorable experiences of TTU. I was really nervous going into SOAR because neither of my parents came with me and I didn’t know anyone. I ended up making two good friends that were from Cookeville and the three of us just bonded quickly. It was fun experience. We were pumped for every activity and laughed throughout SOAR. If I hadn’t met them I feel like I would have had a completely different SOAR experience and outlook on moving to college. Our friendship didn’t end after SOAR; it only was the start of group texts and countdowns until we would all be together on campus. I now look back at it as something special. I think we’ll always be able to share together.

How did you choose your major?

In high school I always took business classes. They material came natural to me. I was the FBLA (Future Business Leaders of America) president my senior year of high school. Combining that with liking my businesses classes then it just seemed like a natural transition.

What is your favorite meal at TTU?

Pasta and milk is always my go-to meal in the Cafeteria.

Advice for incoming college freshman from your experience so far?

Be outgoing! Making friends and getting to know people is what makes college fun. Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there.

What is your favorite TTU Tradition and why?

My favorite tradition is “Evil Eagle” because I feel like it would have been entertaining to see what kind of stunts that generation of our mascot would pull!

What kind of extracurricular activities are you involved in on campus and in the community?

I’m a member of a Panhellenic sorority and a member of FAST (Future Alumni Support Team) here at Tech.

What movie star would you play in a movie? Why?

Hannah Montana because she has “the best of both worlds”.

What was your biggest mistake as a freshman? What did you learn from that experience?

Time management has been a struggle for me this first year of college.

What is your favorite book?

When I was younger my favorite book was A Bridge to Terabithia by Katherine Paterson, and since then no other book has really stuck out to me.