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Employment opportunities for those with a degree in sociology include entry-level positions in the following areas: administration, counseling, community planning, health services, journalism, group & recreation work, human resources/personnel work, social services, and social research. Many sociology majors go on to graduate school or into a professional program. Social workers do their work in family service agencies dealing with marriage, health and child welfare problems. Others work in a medical setting providing assistance to patients and their relatives during a health crisis or death. Social workers can also be found in the area of corrections assisting juvenile and adult law violators in rehabilitation, or public welfare agencies assisting the poor and disabled. Those who complete the B.S. Sociology -Criminal Justice have a sound foundation that prepares them to compete for positions in law enforcement, corrections and social service agencies, or for admission to law school. There are ample possibilities for political science graduates. They may enroll in law school or graduate studies, work with private businesses, or enter into government service. Some political science graduates work with international organizations. Others launch their own political careers by running for office, or going into public relations, consulting, teaching, or journalism.

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American Sociological Association:

"Preparation for Careers" and "Careers in Sociology"

American Political Science Association:

"Careers in Political Science"

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This website was created by a former TTU, SOC/SW major for those who long to go overseas, either to study or work, while experiencing other cultures.

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Information can be found in our Sociology Reference Library located in Matthews Hall, Room 357.

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Recent Graduates:

Some of our recent graduates are employed in the Cookeville-Nashville area as a computer software company executive, technical support for an internet access provider, manager for customer service for a large international manufacturer/supplier of industrial equipment, child and family services workers in several different positions, parole officers, crisis line workers, attorneys, police officers, and retail sales.