Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Where is the Sociology & Political Science Department office?

Matthews/Daniel Hall, Room 309 (Closed from 12-1pm for lunch)

Q. Who is my advisor?

To have a permanent advisor assigned to you or to change advisors, see the Department secretary in Daniel Hall, Room 309.

Q. How do I get my "codes" for registration?

You must be advised in order to receive your alternate PIN (formally known as registration access codes (RAC)). The department suggests these steps for advisement:

Q. What is academic warning, academic probation?

Warning. Students who fail to satisfy the minimum semester QPA standard as given in (column 2, Retention Table) will be placed on academic warning. Students who have been issued an academic warning and who fail to meet the minimum semester QPA standard (column 2, Retention Table) the next semester enrolled will be placed on academic probation. In cases where, concurrently, the semester QPA would indicate academic warning and the cumulative QPA would dictate academic probation, the student will be placed on probation.

Probation. Students who fail to maintain the cumulative or current quality point average required for unconditioned retention are placed on probation. This indicates that the quality of work performed is not satisfactory and the student is in danger of suspension unless his/her achievement shows the required improvement. A student must remove probation the next semester enrolled. He/she must not enroll for more than sixteen hours at Tennessee Technological University during the semester on probation, and fewer hours are recommended many times. A student may remove probation by exceeding the requirements of the Academic Retention Table. If a student does not equal the cumulative requirement of the Academic Retention Table but does meet the semester average requirement, the student will continue on probation.

Suspension. Any student who has been placed on probation and who fails to meet both the required cumulative QPA standard (column 1, Retention Table) and semester QPA standard (column 2, Retention Table) the next semester enrolled will be suspended for a minimum of one semester. The summer term may not be counted as the term of suspension. The only exception to the previous statement is that a student placed on probation and who earns a semester QPA of at least 2.0 (or required minimum semester QPA) the next term enrolled, but who does not raise his/her QPA to the required cumulative QPA standard (column 1), will remain on probation. A student suspended for a second time must remain out of school for one calendar year. If a student is suspended a third time, the student will be denied enrollment in the University for a period of two calendar years. The student may wish to enroll at a community college during that time. If a student remains out of school for four years, the student is eligible to apply for "Academic Fresh Start," which allows the student to begin a brand new academic career.

Retention Table (Effective Fall 2010)

Cumulative Quality Hours Attempted Minus First Repeats

Required Minimum Cumulative Quality Point Average (Column 1)

Required Minimum Semester Quality Point Average (Column 2)

0.0 - 29.09



Q. I am currently a junior. How can I improve my resume to be more competitive in the job market?

Student organizational involvement and conference participation allows students opportunities to hone their resumes. Employers are often impressed by the ability of students to do something other than just academics.  Find out more

Q. When do I apply for graduation? 

Filing of application for Graduation: All candidates for an undergraduate degree should file a written application for graduation in the Office of Records and Registration prior to two semesters of their anticipated graduation. The final day to apply for a given class is:

Graduation Semester

Last day to Apply for Graduation

*Summer 2010

May 7, 2010

Fall 2010

August 6, 2010

Spring 2011

December 17, 2010

*Summer 2011

May 6, 2011


Q. Where can I find information about graduate schools?

Sociology Reference library in Matthews Hall Room 357, and current fliers are posted in Matthews/Daniel, 2nd floor, across from SOC classrooms. MORE

Q. What "exit" tests are required for graduation?

ALL GRADUATING SENIORS must take the Major Field Exam and the College Base Exam. You should receive notification via your TTU mail box. If not, it is still your responsibility to register for these test.
Major Field -- Department Office, DN 309
College Base -- DH 202