Student Internship Results

From: Rachel Story

I received a part time job opportunity at the Area Agency on Aging & Disability at the Upper Cumberland Development District as a result of my Internship (Soc/CJ 4900).

What makes this case special is that I have yet to graduate and they have already offered me a position in the middle of my internship.

From: LaNelle Godsey

I knew what I wanted to do, but I did not know how to go about finding a job.

I was a non-traditional student in the Sociology Dept. at TTU. I knew that I wanted to work in the field of aging. I even knew that I wanted a job where I could help improve the quality of life for Seniors – especially rural seniors in Tennessee.

This is where my problem began. I did not know of any agencies that worked with the elderly. I signed up for an internship and saw that there was an Area Agency on Aging and Disability located in Cookeville, TN. I immediately called and set up a time to meet with them. I started my internship and learned many valuable things regarding aging and disabilities. I worked with the different programs and volunteered when they needed me.

After my internship was completed I kept in touch with the assistant director. I volunteered at the Senior Expo which happened after my internship was complete. When a job opening came available I was notified. It happened to be for State Coordinator of a project that I had worked with. There were around 9 other applicants, who all had more experience in the aging field. I got the job!! I was later told that my internship is one of the reasons that I got the job. The second reason was my enthusiasm.

I recommend that everyone do an internship. Make sure that you choose one that you are interested in and try to learn everything you can about the agency you are with. I am now State Coordinator for the TN Senior Medicare Patrol Project. I have 8 volunteer coordinators across the state that work with SMPP. I am also a volunteer coordinator for the State Health Insurance Information & Assistance Program. I get to travel and meet people all across the US in the aging field. Most importantly I am becoming an expert on Medicare. With this knowledge, I feel that I will always have a job. The elderly population is growing rapidly and I want to continue to be a part of improving the quality of life for the elderly.