Philosophy & Anthropology Minors


Philosophy literally means the "love of wisdom" and traditionally has been understood to mean the methods of inquiry whereby human beings have tried to understand themselves and their places in the world. Ultimately, philosophy is the systematic search for the truth about the world and about oneself, so that one can live a good life. The study of philosophy at Tennessee Tech involves both the practical application of the canons of critical thinking and logical analysis and the historical study of the ways in which great thinkers of the past and present have tried to answer the fundamental questions of life regarding the existence of God, the nature of mind, the limits of human knowledge, and the contents of an ethical life. A baccalaureate minor is offered and is appropriate for all undergraduates of the university, especially those considering graduate school, law school, or medical school.


Anthropology courses emphasize cultural anthropology and are broad-based in their explanations of human diversity. Anthropological studies include those of little known societies and those of parts of urban industrial societies. Studies of different cultures may assist in a better understanding of that with which we are most familiar. A baccalaureate minor is available and is appropriate for the social sciences, the humanities, and most other fields.









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Philosophy/Anthropology Minors

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