The sociology major at Tennessee Tech University provides more than 240 majors with a strong foundation in theory and research methodology and offers a variety of courses that allow students the freedom and flexibility to explore their unique interests.

The sociology curriculum has three main purposes:

Along with sociological theory, research methodology, and data analysis courses, the department offers courses in social psychology, occupational sociology, demography, marriage and family relations, sociology of religion, death and dying, social movements and social change, environmental sociology, urban and rural sociology, sociology of Appalachia, gerontology, medical sociology, technology and society, mass communication, criminology, deviance, juvenile delinquency, organized crime, law and culture, social class, gender, race, ethnicity and multiculturalism, and cross cultural communications and cultural diversity, as well as a variety of special topic courses such as globalization, immigration, film and society, and sociology through service learning.




Programs of Study

General Sociology Track
Social Work Concentration
Criminal Justice Concentration
Philosophy/Anthropology Minors

What is Sociology?

Description of the sociology major and list of some of the subfields within the discipline of sociology.

Opportunities for Students

Professional development opportunities for sociology majors

Scholarships & Awards

Student Accomplishments

Alpha Kappa Delta

International Sociology Honor Society



Sociology & Criminal Justice Club

A student organization designed to further the academic and career development of any student.

Internship Program

Contact information for majors interested in internships.

Sociology Links

Links to useful sociology websites