Sociology/Social Work/Criminal Justice 4900/5900*

Students are placed in a public or private agency which is compatible with their interests.
May be taken once to fulfill major or minor requirements and a second time as a general
elective. Except for infrequent exceptions internships are not paid.

Instructor: Ms. Shelley Brown
E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

Prerequisite: At least 9 hours in sociology or criminal justice courses

1. Meet with instructor to discuss placements and requirements.                
2. Contact agencies, conduct interviews, select an agency, and arrange work schedule. You may contact several agencies by phone prior to choosing the one which best meets your interests.             
3. Notify instructor of agency in which you are interning by email.


4. Sign and return Hold Harmless" forms to instructor  via iLearn prior to beginning work in the agency. You must turn in this form to receive a grade.
5. The "Agency Agreement" form and "Harmless Hold" form must be turned in prior to your starting to work for the agency. These forms must be submitted via iLearn drop box within the first week of semester. You should scan these documents and submit scanned document to iLearn.                    
6. Complete the online sexual harassment training,, and submit the completion form via iLearn drop box within the first week of semester. You should scan these documents and submit scanned document to iLearn.   

7. Complete the Internship Work Agreement form and Agency Acceptance form.
8. You must work over 70 hours to pass the course; 80 hours for a C; 90 hours for a B; and 105 hours for an A.
9. Keep a journal of your experience. Journal entries should include the date and time each work session began and ended, what you did, particularly interesting experiences, and what you learned. You will need to submit journals via iLearn discussion.                            
10. 4 reports, 2-3 pages each to be submitted throughout semester. see iLearn for scheduled due dates throughout semester.
12. If in the first few weeks of the internship you believe you are not getting a worthwhile experience, contact the instructor about a new placement.                 
13. Be sure that the agency for which you work keeps track of your hours and completes an evaluation form on you. Final dates for submission of work will be on iLearn. Please pay attention to these dates! Final Evaluation form will need to be submitted via iLearn drop box by date assigned on iLearn.
Grade Scale will be based on point system.If you have met all the above requirements, you will be evaluated as follows:

  • Reports- 10 points each (40 points total)
  • Journal- 20 points
  • Evaluation- 40 points

* Hours worked also determine final grade

** For graduate credit the intern will also be expected to write a comprehensive analysis of organizational structure of the agency including the manifest and latent functions of norms, rules, and practice.

*** It is your responsibility to set up internship with desired agency. If you do not see an agency you would like to work with on our agency list, you may contact an agency and have them sign a statement listing the work you will be doing and list of responsibilities associated with your internship.


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