Social Work Internship Program

CJ/SOC/SOSW 4900: Criminal Justice, Sociology, and Social Work Internship

 SOC 4900 (5900): Internship (3 hrs)           [Crosslisted as CJ 4900(5900) and SW 4900(5900)]

Receive credit and work in an area of your interest!

Students are placed with and work in a public or private agency which is compatible with their interests.

Internship Advisor and Course Instructor:


Ms. Shelley Btrown
Office Number: Daniel Hall Rm. 230
Phone: 372-6122
email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it


9 hours of sociology. See instructor prior to enrolling.


Course Details:

Students may take a maximum of two internships for up to a total of 6 hours of Internship. Up to 6 hours may be taken for upper division credit to fulfill major or minor requirements with any additional hours counting as upper division general elective hours.

The internship is offered every fall and spring semester and sometimes summer.

1. Examine the syllabus Syllabus/Requirements/Grading

2. Pick and contact an agency. I advise contacting 2 or 3 agencies and make an appointment when an agency seems to fit your interests. Agencies 

  • Most agencies have openings every semester.
  • If you wish to serve an internship at an agency not listed here, please see bottom of syllabus to get instructions as to how to do this.
  • Call the agencies in which interest you.  When an agency fits your schedule and interests you should arrange an interview.

3. Bring two copies of the  Acceptance Form to your chosen agency.  Have them sign one and submit to iLearn. Have them keep the other one.

4. Read, sign, and submit the Harmless Hold Agreement to iLearn.

5. Complete Sexual harassment trainingAgency Agreement, Hold Harmless and proof of sexual harassment training completion must be submitted via iLearn drop box within the first week of semester. You should scan these documents and submit scanned document to iLearn.

6. Read, check off items, sign and submit the  Internship Work Agreement Form to iLearn.

7. Steps 1 to 7 must be completed before you start working at the agency.

8. During your internship you should keep a journal of your work, making an entry for each time your work. Journal entries can be from several sentences to several paragraphs in length, depending upon what you have done. The journal will be submitted at the end of the internship on iLearn.
Internship Journal Help

9. You must make 4 reports during the semester. Each report has different requirements. Directions for Writing Reports and should be submitted throughout the semester to iLearn.

10. At the completion of the internship the agency must complete an Internship Evaluation form.  It is your responsibility that the Evaluation Form is submitted to iLearn by the assigned date.

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