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Oakley STEM Center Virtual Theater
Fly beyond the Earth...

What is the Virtual Theater?

  • Fly beyond the Earth in the STEM Center's state-of-the-art Virtual Theater.
    Information & Reservations
    Contact Jonathon Riggsbee at 931-372-6573 or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it .
  • Enjoy the exciting wide-screen, planetarium-like experiences on Friday afternoons; admission is free.
  • These unique tours of space are perfect outings for school groups, families, and individuals interested in knowing more about our existing and changing universe.

Tour the Universe with To the Edge & Back!
Fridays @ 4pm

  • Experience a journey from Earth out to the farthest reaches of the stars. Learn about what we can find in the universe and some perspective on our place in it.

Blast off on Operation: Intercept! An Interactive Virtual Theater Adventure
Fridays @ 4:30pm

Get hands-on with space travel during Operation: Intercept!STEM VT OpInterceptOakley2 wb

  • The OSA (Oakley Space Agency) needs your help…take a spacecraft into the cosmos and join in solving the deep space mystery.
  • Travelers will also make a stop on Venus during this sleuthing adventure trek!

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