"Students are the center of our work. The development and delivery of our programs and services are done in their best interest."

The Division of Student Affairs contributes to the educational mission of TTU by providing premier student support programs and services. As a result, our students will fulfill their personal and educational objectives and aspirations.

Student Affairs is committed to:

  • Recognizing the uniqueness of each student and that student’s individual needs
  • Developing student self-responsibility and personal investment in their growth
  • Encouraging collaborative efforts in serving students
  • Developing programs which are nationally recognized as models of excellence
  • Optimizing the learning experience in and out of the classroom for each student through positive quality programs and services
  • Providing opportunities to participate in a variety of recreational programs, sports and fitness activities which satisfy the diverse needs of faculty, staff and students

As lead Student Affairs administrator, Mr. Burnett works with students, faculty, and staff to create and maintain student development. He oversees policies and programs performed within the Division of Student Affairs which includes: Counseling Center, Dean of Students, Disability Services, Eagle Card, Greek Life, Health Services, Minority Affairs, Residential Life, Orientation and Student Success, Recreation/Fitness Center, Roaden University Center and Student Activities. His primary tasks are to supervise, consult, provide material support, and provide data to the individuals responsible for each Student Affairs unit.

Mr. Burnett serves as Executive Officer for the Academic Misconduct Committee, Chapter 606, University Art Committee, and Public Media Committee. He is also a member of the Executive Advisory Committee to the President, Administrative Council, Academic and Administrative Officers, Academic and Student Affairs Council, University Retention Round Table, Diversity, Equity and Access Council, and University Assembly. Mr. Burnett has been appointed chairperson of the Student Affairs Sub-Committee for the Regents Online Degree Program Oversight Committee and also serves on the Tennessee Board of Regents Student Affairs Sub Council.

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