Faculty and staff at Tennessee Tech University are encouraged to make students aware that:

Prepare Your Students

When a student indicates an interest in studying abroad, there are many things you can do.

Your Department and Study Abroad

Each college, and sometimes each department, handles the study abroad process a little differently. There are some general principles, however, that you can rely on. The International Education Office will provide:

For information specific to your department, you may want to ask your department head:

The answers to these questions will give you a good understanding for how your department works with study abroad.

The student should narrow his or her search to approximately 3 schools. From the 3, you should help the student select the priority choices based on the requirements he/she needs to fulfill academically. You will then need to assist the student in filling out the "Request to Study at Another Institution pdf_icon_sm" form and the "Course Request pdf_icon_sm" forms from the program (if applicable) and sign them.

Once the student returns, his/her transcript is sent to the International Education Office. A copy will be given to his/her advisor, and the heads of the departments who are approving of the credit will need to submit a Substitution Form to the Graduation Office for posting credit.