Faculty members in your department who are interested in leading a program abroad will present you with a Program Plan that requires your signature. Below are guidelines to assist you in your discussions with faculty as you decide whether to support their program with department resources.

Initial Questions

  • Is there a State Department travel warning for this country? ( If the answer is yes, the program cannot go. If there is a travel advisory they should discuss the program with the International Education staff.
  • Is there a demand for study abroad opportunities in this region, or major, that is not being met by current programs? If the answer from the person proposing the program is 'yes', how do they know that?

The Course

  • In the proposal the faculty member should explain how being abroad enhances this course.
  • How many credits are being offered and is the number appropriate for this course? Individual circumstances may vary. Students will be required to enroll in the number of credits agreed to on the planning form.
  • Does the faculty member have background and experience in the subject being taught as related to the country that will be visited?
  • Discuss/Review the course syllabus. The course should be content oriented but might be taught differently than a campus based course that meets 3 hours per week for 15 weeks.
  • Are the course requirements appropriate for the type of course, the teaching method, level? Requirements might be more heavily weighted toward class participation, journals, papers, etc.
  • Are field trips, site visits and other cultural activities integrated into the course material to provide an in-depth view of the host country? Will there be opportunities for students to interact with local residents?
  • Is the course solid and one you can support? If not, please explain your concerns and determine if it is worthwhile for the faculty member to rewrite the course proposal.

Cultural Knowledge

  • Does the faculty member have capability in the language and cultural ability (or'street smarts') sufficient to function effectively in the country? If not, will they have someone from the host country with them to assist while they are there?
  • Is there someone in the host country coordinating lodging, transportation, meeting rooms, food, etc. or does the faculty member plan to do this? If they plan to do this without a host country coordinator, based on your knowledge of this person, do you believe they are capable of doing these tasks? Do they have sufficient knowledge of the country and the culture, language skill (if needed), etc.?
  • Does the faculty member have sufficient cultural and country knowledge to provide an orientation program including preparing the students adequately for living and studying abroad?

Financial and staffing issues

  • What is the minimum number of students they plan to take? What is the maximum?
  • Does the program need more than one faculty leader? If so, does the course or situation justify the additional costs to the university and the students? Note: The faculty salary must be covered by student tuition. Teaching assistance may be available after a program reaches 18 students. Individual cases will be considered in their own context.
  • Discuss the role of each proposed faculty, staff and/or GTA. If there is an on-site host country coordinator providing logistical services (lodging, excursions, etc.) there should not be a need for as many faculty/staff to accompany the group.
  • How much will the faculty be paid? What account will be used for the program? Where will the pay come from: mini-term funds or summer funds? What steps are necessary to ensure there is money available? What, if anything, does the faculty need to do to ensure that they are paid?
  • Will the department/college provide any financial support-airfare, lodging, per diem?

Final Consideration

  • Would you spend your money on this program? Note about Costs and Dates Both are flexible.
  • Sometimes services are added or deleted which affect price.
  • Significant currency fluctuations might affect the price.
  • Dates may change to take advantage of less expensive airfares, or due to accommodation or facility availability.

The Programs Abroad Office will work with the cost/date aspects of the program, will also work with faculty to publicize the program, and will do all contracts and manage the account for the program.

Adding the course to the registration system The department will create the course information in the registration system. Create a specific section for the course with the specific number of credits agreed to in your discussion.

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