Program Leaders


Step 1


1.  Make an appointment with the Study Abroad Coordinator and/or Dr. Stephens and discuss your ideas about taking your class abroad

2.  Develop the course and syllabus with the Chair and/or Dean of the department and fill out worksheet (below) to plan group trip

Step 2

Develop an "Out Of Country" Memo and include the following information:

    1. Location
    2. Dates
    3. Estimated Number of students and faculty
    4. Proposal for course and proposed itinerary
    5. All expenses involved including the expenses approved for travel
    6. Get all required signatures

Step 3

Once the trip has been approved then you may recruit students, and begin meeting with them.  The students are required to fill out the application form and Program Contract (below) and submit it to the faculty leader, then the faculty leader submits them as a group to the Study Abroad Coordinator.

After students complete the paperwork and make appropriate deposits, then the Faculty may proceed with making the travel arrangements and reservations.

Students must also purchase travel insurance that covers Medical Evacuation and Repatriation which will be noted on their application.

    1. Worksheet for Leading a Program Abroadpdf_icon_sm
    2. Application for Students going abroad with a Leaderpdf_icon_sm
    3. Program Contract

Step 4

The Faculty leader must make arrangements for the Study Abroad Coordinator to meet with the group for a general orientation before departure.

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