Scholarships and Financial Aid

Scholarships are an excellent way to fund your study abroad experience. If you currently receive a scholarship you may be able to apply it to your study abroad program. In addition, there are a number of scholarship opportunities expressly for students intending to study abroad.

  • TTU Airfare Reimbursement pdf_icon_sm
    • Award/Deadline: Award covers cost of airfare up to $1,000 Deadline: Nov. 1st for Spring; April 1st for Summer and Fall
    • Location: Worldwide
    • Notes: Applicable for full time TTU students with 2.5 GPA in good standing and have at least Sophomore status.
  • Association of International Education, Japan (AIEJ)
    • Award/Deadline: Awards provide a living allowance, settling in allowance, and airfare. Deadline: Fall-April 15; Spring-Oct 15
    • Location: Japan
    • Notes: Must be accepted for a full academic year at a Japanese university.
  • Bridging Scholarship
    • Award/Deadline: 30 Scholarships to U.S. students participating in study-abroad programs. Awards range from $2,500 to $4,000. Deadline: April 3
    • Location: Japan
  • British Council
    • Award/Deadline: Please see web site for more info. Deadline: Varies
    • Location: UK
    • Notes: Qualifications vary depending on the award. Please see web-site for more info.
  • British Marshall Scholarship
    Tip sheet pdf_icon_sm
    • Award/Deadline: Award covers cost of entire trip including tuition at British university. Deadline: September 16
    • Location: UK
    • Notes: Applicable for graduate study of 2 or 3 years at any British University in any sub. U.S. citizen, apply within 2 yrs. of U.S. bachelors deg. Very competitive.
  • BUTEX- British Universities Transatlantic Exchange Association
    • Each year BUTEX awards sixteen scholarships to students studying abroad for either a semester or for a whole academic year.
    • Eight scholarships are available to UK students studying abroad in the USA or Canada and a further eight scholarships are available to North American students studying in the UK
  • DAAD Scholarships (German Academic Exchange Service)
    • Award/Deadline: From $2,000 to cost of program. Deadline: January 31
    • Location: Germany
    • Notes: Full-Time undergraduate and graduate students from most academic fields
  • Fulbright Scholarships
    Tip sheet pdf_icon_sm
    • Award/Deadline: Award amounts vary. Deadline: October 1
    • Location: Worldwide
    • Notes: There are several different Fulbright programs for graduating seniors, graduate students, alumni, faculty, administrators, and teachers.
  • Gates Cambridge Scholarship
    • Award/Deadline: Award includes tuition, airfare and living stipend. Deadline: Nov. 1
    • Location: Cambridge University (UK)
    • Notes: Candidates must have excellent transcripts and academic references. Must already be accepted to study at Cambridge.
  • George J. Mitchell Scholarships (US-Ireland Alliance)
    • Award/Deadline: Tuition, housing, a $12,000 living expenses stipend, and international travel. Deadline: October 10
    • Location: Ireland
    • Notes: With 12 awards made each year, the scholarship provides a year of graduate study at any university in Ireland or Northern Ireland. Applicants must be U.S. citizens between the ages of 18 and 30 who will have an undergraduate degree when starting study with the Mitchell Scholarship (graduating seniors are encouraged to apply).
  • German Chancellor Scholarships
    • Award/Deadline: See web site.
    • Location: Germany
    • Notes: Awards 10 scholarships annually to prospective leaders from the U.S.A. (under 35 years of age) in the academic, economic and political fields, enabling them to carry out research projects of their own choice in Germany (one-year duration).
  • Gilman Scholarship
    Tip sheet pdf_icon_sm
    • Award: Up to $5,000
    • Location: Worldwide
    • Notes: Provides assistance for undergraduates with demonstrated financial need. Applicant must be receiving a Pell Grant at time of application. $3,000 Critical Need Language Supplement available to students studying a critical need language. Click here for more information.
  • Institute for International Education, Public Policy (IIPP)
    • Award/Deadline: Students participate in a five-year sequence of summer policy institutes, study abroad, language training, internships, and graduate study. Award covers most of the institute costs, 1/2 study abroad, internship and graduate school. Deadline: March 1
    • Location: Worldwide
    • Notes: Sophomore student, enrolled full-time at four- year (baccalaureate) institution; U.S. citizen or permanent resident; Minimum 3.2 GPA; Strong interest in international affairs; Underrepresented minority: African American, Hispanic/Latino American, American Indian, Asian American, Alaskan or Hawaiian Native, or Pacific Islander.
  • Minority International Research Education Program (MIRT): Fogarty Programs
    • Award/Deadline: Awards may vary. Deadline: Varies, check web site for more details.
    • Location: Worldwide
    • Notes: MIRT offers research training opportunities to minority students, to participate in international biomedical and behavioral research programs abroad. Minimum 3.0 GPA.
  • National Italian American Foundation (NIAF)
    • Award/Deadline: Award: All expenses. See web site for deadline information.
    • Location: Italy
    • Notes: This all-expenses paid trip for Italian American students covers round-trip airfare between Italy and America and 10 days of programs.
  • National Security Education Program (NSEP)
    • Award/Deadline: Undergraduate: Summer (Engineer and Applied Science Majors only) $2,500--$8,000; Semester $4,000--$10,000; Academic Year $6,000--$20,000. Deadline: February 14
    • Location: Africa; Cent. and Eastern Europe; Near East; Asia; Latin Am. Caribbean
    • Notes: U.S. citizen; undergrad or grad student; Study for Sem. or Year (or Summer for applied science and eng. majors). NSEP recipients are required to seek employ. with a federal agency or office involved in nat’l security affairs upon graduation.
  • Rhodes Scholarship
    Tip sheet pdf_icon_sm
    • Award/Deadline: Award includes tuition, airfare and living stipend. Deadline: September 16
    • Location: Oxford University (UK)
    • Notes: Applicable for graduate study of 2 or 3 years at Oxford University in any subject. U.S. Citizen with proven intellectual and academic achievement. Very competitive. Must simultaneously apply to Oxford.
  • Rotary Foundation Ambassadorial Scholarships
    • Award/Deadline: Award usually covers entire cost of trip. Deadline: Varies, contact local Rotary Club for more information. Often 1 1/2 years in advance.
    • Location: Worldwide
    • Notes: Largest U.S. scholarship program for study abroad. Funding for high school, undergraduates, graduates, alumni and professionals.

Scholarships awarded by program providers

  • American Institute for Foreign Study (AIFS)
    • Award/Deadline: AIFS awards up to 150 semester scholarships of $1,000 each and 50 summer scholarships of $750 each. Deadline: Summer,March 15; Fall-April 15; Spring, October 15
    • Location: Worldwide
    • Notes: Open to students who are participating in AIFS study abroad programs.
  • Council on International Educational Exchange (CIEE)
    • Award/Deadline: Please see web site for more info. Deadline: Check web site
    • Location: Worldwide
    • Notes: Open to students who are participating on CIEE study abroad programs.
  • International Student Exchange Program (ISEP)
    • Award/Deadline: Please see web site for more info. Deadline: Check web site
    • Location: Worldwide
    • Notes: Open to students who are participating on ISEP study abroad programs.
  • School for International Training (SIT)
    • Award/Deadline: Awards generally range from $500 to $4,000. Deadline: Varies, see web site.
    • Location: Worldwide
    • Notes: Open to students who are participating on SIT study abroad programs.

Other scholarship opportunities

Financial Aid

If you receive federal and/or state financial assistance you may apply it to all TTU approved study abroad programs.

Please Note: It is important to apply for financial aid early. Applying early helps to ensure that you will be considered for all types of financial aid and that funds will be available when school starts at TTU.

As a study abroad student you will receive your aid from TTU at the same time you would normally receive your aid if you were on campus. You may have program fee payments due before this date. Discuss options with the Financial Aid Department.

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