Additional Endorsements

Additional Endorsements for Teachers
Office of Teacher Education

NOTICE: While every attempt will be made to keep the program requirements current, revisions in programs may occur without notice.

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About Additional Endorsements

An individual who holds a current active Tennessee Teaching license may add additional endorsements certifying the individual to teach in additional subject areas and/or grades.

  • Additional endorsements may be added through completion of a College or University program and passing the required Praxis II exam(s). An individual who has a secondary endorsement may add other qualifying secondary endorsements by passing the required Praxis II exam(s) for the endorsement. 
  • The Tennessee Department of Education website has additional information about adding endorsements by Praxis only, including information about secondary endorsements which do not qualify to be added by test only. The Educational Testing Service (ETS) website has the current list of Praxis II Requirements for each endorsement.
  • An individual interested in  pursuing an additional endorsement should complete the Transcript Analysis Request Form and submit official copies of all transcripts, excluding Tennessee Technological University transcripts, to the Certification Analyst of the College of Education for an evaluation in terms of the program requirements identified in the program matrix.
  • A suggested program of study is generated based upon the analysis of completed coursework and prior experiences.
  • The program of study must be approved by the applicant's adviser, the chairperson of the department in which the licensure program is offered, and the Dean of the College of Education.

Please note that you must submit an official copy of all transcripts to the Office of Teacher Education for the analysis process, EVEN IF you have already submitted transcripts to the Admissions Office or the Graduate Office at TTU.

In order to register for classes, the Transcript Analysis Request Form MUST be submitted a minimum of 4 weeks in advance of registration time.
  • Once you complete the requirements for the additional endorsement you must submit an application to have it added to your license. Paperwork for additional endorsement being added by test only may be sent directly to the Tennessee Department of Education. 
  • If you have completed an additional endorsement program through TTU, then you must submit your application paperwork to the TTU Office of Teacher Education for processing. 
  • See our Teacher Licensure web page for instructions on submitting your application to the TTU Office of Teacher Education.

Additional Endorsement Programs Offered at TTU


*Does not qualify to be added by test only.

** Not a secondary endorsement, therefore it is not eligible to be added by test only. Also, does not qualify to add other endorsements by test only.

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