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 Residency I:
January 31st
Residency II:
November 10th
Student Teaching:
Fall- January 31st
Spring- August 31st


-Residency I Requirements

-Residency II Requirements

-Student Teaching Requirements

About Field & Clinical Practice for Teacher Candidates

Field and Clinical Practice is an integral part of College of Education teacher candidate preparation at TTU. The Office of Teacher Education plans quality experiences in school settings that range from classroom observational experiences early in the program to pre-residency experiences where beginning instructional skills are practiced under the direction of a mentoring teacher.  


  • Pre-Residency field experiences may involve between 30 to 90 hours of involvement depending on the course associated with that experience. During candidates’ early field work they are encouraged to gain additional experience with several grade levels through volunteer or after-school programs.
  • Clinical Practice is the culmination of teacher preparation and involves either a Residency (Ready2Teach) experience or a Student Teaching experience.
  • Residency candidates should expect a year-long field placement in one school setting and one mentor. Interaction in and with schools, mentor, and students gradually increases.

Student Teaching

  • Student teaching is offered to post baccalaureate students. 
  • The experience involves a one-semester intensive clinical experience in the school setting.
  • Note: A post-baccalaureate student is one who has earned an undergraduate degree and has been approved in the TTU Teacher Education Program to be enrolled in courses.


  • Ready2Teach is a clinically-rich undergraduate teacher preparation residency program that emphasizes problem-based learning, co-teaching, mutually beneficial partnerships with schools, intensive mentoring, strong content knowledge and performance-based assessment.

R2T Goals | Click Here for more information

  • To prepare teacher candidates so that they have a positive impact on student performance from the first time they enter the classroom.
  • To work collaboratively with schools to improve outcomes for students, schools, and communities.

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