Initial Apprentice Teaching License

Apprentice Teaching License Application Process
Office of Teacher Education

Applying for an Initial Apprentice Teaching License

The application paperwork for an Initial Apprentice Teaching License must be submitted by your university. The Tennessee Tech University (TTU) Office of Teacher Education processes this application for students completing licensure programs at TTU.

NOTE: Student teachers or students completing Residency I & II should NOT complete this form until instructed to do so. You will receive information about when to complete the form during your final semester.

The Application Process

  • Begin the process by completing and submitting your information through the online form (see online Application link on the right side of this page).
    • Enter your information as you want it to appear on your Tennessee Teaching License. 
    • Before submitting make sure your information is correct and you have used correct capitalization, abbreviations and punctuation.
  • After your information is submitted the TTU Office of Teacher Education will process your submission. An application and transcript request form will be generated using the information you submitted.

Please Note: The application form and transcript request form must be printed, signed, and returned to the TTU Office of Teacher Education. Undergraduate students will be given further information during their final semester regarding this requirement. 

  • The TTU Office of Teacher Education must have original forms to submit your license. Fax and/or email copies will not be accepted.
  • An official copy of your Praxis scores must be on file at TTU before your application paperwork is submitted to the Tennessee Department of Education.
  • Applications cannot be processed until all grades and degrees are posted.
  • Once the semester ends, students should allow a minimum of 4 weeks for applications to be submitted to the Tennessee Department of Education.

The Tennessee Department of Education has information regarding their processing time, Highly Qualified Status, and printing of applications on their website, please CLICK HERE.

  • Highly Qualified Status is submitted or updated by a school system, not the University.
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