Tech Times is the internal e-newsletter for faculty, staff and students at Tennessee Tech. In an effort to keep the content relevant to different groups, there are separate daily issues for staff and faculty and for students. Tech Times contains news, announcements and other items of campus-wide interest. 


The Office of Communications & Marketing sends Tech Times each weekday morning. If there are no announcements on a particular day, no newsletter will be distributed. Submission deadlines are:

  • 3 p.m. Central time for distribution on the next weekday, except for Monday’s edition.
  • Noon Friday for Monday’s edition.

You may submit an item for distribution several days in advance. If you want an item to run more than once, you must make a separate entry for each day. 

Tech Times is not issued on university holidays unless special circumstances warrant.

What's Appropriate for Tech Times

Each submission is reviewed for content and either approved or deleted. Submitters should write concise copy and provide a link or telephone number for more information.

Make sure your submission includes all relevant information, is grammatically correct, is timely, and is appropriate for the TTU audience. Otherwise it may not be included in Tech Times.

Items permitted in Tech Times include:

  • Faculty/Staff edition: College and departmental news and events, awards, achievements, grants and other announcements.
  • Student edition: College, departmental and official student organization news and events; awards and achievements; community service events coordinated by the University Service Center; fundraisers by student organizations that benefit registered non-profits; and other announcements.
  • News and information regularly produced by the TTU Office of Communications & Marketing.
  • Death notices about current and former staff and faculty and current students. Notices must be factual and brief. You may provide a link to more information or to an obituary of a newspaper, funeral home or other website.

    Submitting an item to Tech Times

    Submitting information to Tech Times is easy. Follow these steps:

    • Click on “Submit an Announcement for Tech Times.”
    • Complete the fields on the submission form.
    • Remember: Keep the text short and easy to read. Provide links, e-mail addresses and phone numbers for more information. 
    • Use paragraph format. The Tech Times system will automatically force your submission into a paragraph. Submissions with bulleted lists and multiple paragraphs will become difficult to read.

    Here's an example to get you started:

    The next meeting of YOUR ORGANIZATION will be at TIME, DATE and PLACE. The program will be a discussion of DESCRIPTION HERE. Speakers for the event include NAMES HERE. For more information, CONTACT INFORMATION, TELEPHONE NUMBER OR E-MAIL HERE.

    NOTE: A separate box is provided for the url of a link with more information. Links should be provided in this format: Be sure to include the "http://" at the beginning of your url.

    Take advantage of the Campus Calendar, too. The calendar program, at, features 42 separate calendars.

    If you have questions about submitting content, contact Lori Shull at (931) 372-6328.

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