Tennessee Tech University music graduates have worked throughout the United States in more than a dozen areas of music, and some have pursued careers in Europe, South America, and other parts in the world. Many have earned master and doctorate degrees, attending more than 60 graduate music schools, often as teaching assistants or scholarship recipients. TTU music graduates have established careers as public school music educators in 25 states, university music professors and administrators at 40 institutions, musicians in more than 20 orchestras and other professional ensembles, performers in the recording and television industries, conductors, composers, arrangers, music copyists, church music directors, and other areas in music. Tech music alumni have become members in all five of the premiere military bands in Washington, D.C., the military academy bands at West Point and Annapolis, and numerous regional military bands. Many have established enduring regional reputations for excellence and several have attained national recognition.
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