Famous Solos

compiled by Charles Decker, Trumpet Professor Tennessee Technological University

These original works for trumpet or cornet are performed and recorded so frequently that many are available in several editions. For alternative editions as well as orchestral and band accompaniments see the Robert King Music Brass Player's Guide. In addition to the composer and title, entries include composer dates, publication editor, date of the composition, and publisher. All the editions listed here are with piano accompaniment unless otherwise indicated. The Brandenburg Concerto #2, while an orchestral concerto grosso (a group of soloists), is included as it is the most recorded work from any era or style which features trumpet. Three two-trumpet baroque works are included (Franceschini, Manfredini, and Vivaldi) along with a singular trio (Bugler's Holiday).

Baroque Concerti, Sonatas, and Suites

Many of these baroque works have alternative editions in lower keys suitable for performance on B-flat trumpet. See the Robert King Music Brass Player's Guide.

Bach, J.S. (1685-1750). Brandenburg Concerto #2 (1721) , Kalmus (for orchestral parts) For piano reduction of 1st movement see Bach/Weast. Brandenburg Concerto #2, McGinnis & Marx

Fasch, Johann Freiderich (1688-1756) ed. Winschermann. Concerto in D, Sikorski

Franceschini, Petronio (1650?-1681). Sonata in D for 2 trumpets (1680), Musica Rara

Gabrielli, Domenico (1651-1690) ed. Block. Sonata in D (D.XI, 4), Musica Rara

Handel, George F. (1685-1759) ed. Tarr. Suite in D (1733 from Water Music), Musica Rara

Manfredini, Francesco (1684-1762) ed. Hunger. Concerto in D for two trumpets, Edition Kunzelman (titled as Concerto 1 & 2) (Joosen edition published by Molenaar is in concert Bb.)

Mozart, Leopold (1719-1787) ed. Weinmann. Concerto in D, Edition Kunzelman

Purcell, Henry (1659-1695) ed. Ghitalla. Sonata in D (organ reduction). King Music.

Telemann, Georg Philip (1685-1757) ed. Grebe. Concerto in D for trumpet, 2 violins, continuo, Musica Rara

Telemann, G. ed. Lyman. Heldenmusik (Heroic Music-1728), International Music

Torelli, Giuseppe (1658-1709) ed. Tarr. Concerto in D, Etienne Roger 188:6. Musica Rara

Torelli, G. Sonata in D for trumpet, strings, and continuo, G.1, Musica Rara (with chamber strings)

Vivaldi, Antonio (1678-1741) ed. Ghedini. Concerto for two trumpets. International Music Co. (in Bb) For organ edition in concert C, see Vivaldi/Backhaus. Concerto in C . Sound Ideas Publications.

Viviani, Giovanni (1638 - ca. 1692) ed. Tarr. Sonatas 1 & 2 (1678), Musica Rara (organ)

Classical Concerti

Haydn, Franz Josef (1732-1809) ed. Goeyens. Concerto in Eb (1796), Carl Fischer

Hummel, Johann Nepomuk (1738-1837 ed. Ghitalla. Concerto in Eb (1803), King Music

Hummel. Concerto in Eb, Crown Music (Eb solo part only)

Hummel/Tarr. Concerto in E, Universal Editions (original key)

Neruda, Johann B.G. (ca.1707-1770) ed. Sommerfelder. Concerto in Eb, McNaughtan Editions

19th Century Concerti

Bs¹hme, Oskar (1879-1938 ed. Herbst. Concerto (1899), Anton J. Benjamin

Sasche/Glover & Lewis. Concertino in Eb (1871), Brass Press

20th Century Concerti and Sonatas

Arutunian, Alexander (1920-) ed. Voisin. Concerto (1949), International Music

Hindemith, Paul (1895-1963). Sonata for trumpet and piano (1939), Schott's Soehne

Jolivet, AndrZ¹ (1905-1974). Concertino (1948), Editions Durand et Cie

Jolivet, AndrZ¹. Concertio No. 2 (1954), Leduc

Kennan, Kent (1913-). Sonata for trumpet and piano (1956), Warner Brothers Music

Peeters, Flor (1903-1986), Sonata for trumpet and piano, Op. 51 (1951), C. F. Peters

Stevens, Halsey (1908-). Sonata for trumpet and piano (1959), C.F. Peters

Tomasi, Henri (1901-1971). Concerto (1948), Leduc

20th Century Single-Movement Works

Bozza, Eugene (1905-1981). Caprice, Op. 47 (1943) for trumpet and piano, Leduc

Copland, Aaron (1900-1990) ed. Kennedy. Quiet City (1940) for trumpet, English horn, & strings, Boosey

Enesco, Georges (1881-1955). Legende (1906) for trumpet and piano, International

Goedicke, Alexander (1877-1957) ed. Glover. Concert Etude (1934) for trumpet and piano, Brass Press

Honegger, Arthur (1892-1955). Intrada (1947) for trumpet and piano, Editions Salabert.

Hovhaness, Alan (1911-). Prayer of Saint Gregory for trumpet and strings (1946), Southern Music (organ)

Persichetti, Vincent (1915-1987), Hollow Men for trumpet and strings, Op. 25 (1944), Theodore Presser

Cornet Solos

Arban, Jean B. (1825-1889) ed. Leidzen. Carnival of Venice, Belwin-Mills

Bellstedt, Herman (1858-1926) ed. Simon. Napoli, Southern Music Company

Clarke, Herbert L. (1867-1945) The Best of Herbert L. Clarke , Warner Brothers Music

This collection has 8 of his most familiar solos including Bride of the Waves, Carnival of Venice, Debutante, Sounds from the Hudson, From the Shores of the Mighty Pacific, Showers of Gold

Staigers, Del (1899-1950). Carnival of Venice (1928), Carl Fischer

'Pop' Solos

Anderson, Leroy (1908-1975). A Trumpeter's Lullaby (1951), Belwin-Mills

Anderson, L. Bugler's Holiday (1954) (trio), Belwin-Mills

Mendez, Rafael (1906-1981) arr. and Koff. La Virgen de la Macarena (1949), Koff Music

Unaccompanied Solos

Ketting, Otto (b. 1935). Intrada (1959). Donemus

Persichetti, Vincent (1915-1987). Parable XIV for Trumpet (1975), Elkan Vogel

Vizzutti, Allen (1952-). Cascades (1981), Brass Press

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