Universal Design Workshop Hosted at TTU STEM Center June 17th

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WIPTE Here We Come Again!

Dr. Laura Graves and Stacey Plant made a formal presentation of a peer-reviewed full paper at the WIPTE Conference held at Virginia Tech University in Blacksburg Virgina.· The abstract summarizing the TTASA-SWLD research is accepted for publication in the WIPTE 2011 Monograph Journal and is available for puchase by Purdue University Press.  Find out more about WIPTE at

PowerPoint Presentation
Presentation Summary Handout



Joint Annual Meeting (JAM) in Washington DC. (June 2010)

Presenters at Joint Annual Meeting for NSF
Dr. Laura Graves, Jarret Smith and Brandy Spears presented at the 2010 Joint Annual Meeting ( JAM) in Washington, D.C. for the National Science Foundation in Research in Disability Education. Dr. Graves is the primary investigator of Effects of Teaching with Tablet PCs with Asynchronous Student Access in Post-Secondary STEM Courses on Students with Learning Disabilities (TTASA-SWLD) [NSF RDE FRI Award #  0723449]. Jarret Smith and Brandy Spears are Research Experiences for Undergraduate Student recipients. Both Jarret and Brandy conducted research on the fidelity of implementation of TTASA-SWLD. Brandy also conducted separate research with Dr. David Smith on the comparison overtime of faculty perceptions. Both students presented poster presentations at JAM.



Cookeville Herald Citizen and TTU News article
"TTU research team says effective teaching isn’t ‘one-size-fits-all'"

“Our standard system of teaching shuts out some students for no reason, and at the university level we are obligated to remove the obstacles for a diverse population.”

Tennessee Tech University researcher Laura Graves says this is her research team’s motivation for conducting research so that the one-size-fits-all teaching approach in college classrooms can be replaced with a more effective design. more...



October 2009 Workshop on the Impact of Pen-based Technology on Education

Conference Collateral (PDF)

Dr. Laura Graves and Stacey Plant present during a poster session at the WIPTE Conference held at Virginia Tech University in Blacksburg Virgina.  The abstract summarizing the TTASA-SWLD research-to-date is accepted for publication in the WIPTE 2009 Monograph journal to be published by Purdue University Press in January 2010.




2008 Joint Annual Meeting of the National Science Foundation: Enabling STEM Transformation

Drs. Robby Sanders, Margaret Phelps and Laura Graves attended the 2008 Joint Annual Meeting of the National Science Foundation: Division of Human Resource Development in Washington D.C. Presentations by Dr. Phelps and Dr. Graves included a poster session detailing research findings from year 1 of the TTASA-SWLD project investigating students with disabilities, asynchronous access, and student success as well as a presentation of the TTASA-SWLD project with other current Research in Disabilities Education (RDE) projects across the nation.


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