TTU ECE Students Receive IEEE Power and Energy Society Scholarships




Two Tennessee Tech University students were recognized by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers as among the best in North America.


Habeeb Kotun Jr. and Jimmy Nguyen were among 228 recipients of the 2013-2014 IEEE Power and Energy Society Scholarship. The organization gives the annual awards to outstanding undergraduates who are interested in careers in power and energy engineering. Students from 17 universities across the United States and Canada received this year’s scholarships.

First- and second-year recipients are eligible for $2,000, with third-year recipients receiving $3,000 spread throughout the academic year. This competitive scholarship requires a letter of recommendation from an electrical engineer, preferably one working in the power industry.

Nguyen, a Murfreesboro native, has been serving an internship with the Murfreesboro Electric Department.


“During my internship, I received hands-on experience learning the complexities of power distribution systems and all the newer technologies being implemented around Murfreesboro,” said Nguyen. “In addition, I was able to observe major projects in process, such as the 1-million-square-foot Amazon warehouse, which took over six months just to install electric service for the construction site. Amazon’s warehouse also requires certain autonomous electrical facilities that can provide backup in case of a power loss due to an immediate or impending emergency.”

Kotun is a Nashville native and is engaged as outreach coordinator of the Autonomous Robotics Club; he also serves as the Engineering Joint Council representative for the TTU branch of IEEE. He is also an active member of Alpha Lambda Delta.

“I think I garnered attention from IEEE because I told myself that I shouldn’t be paying as much for my tuition as I was before, and I reflected that in my application process,” said Kotun. “ I want a job where none of the information I’ve learned is wasted. I believe I showed them that I wasn’t just another regular student, that I am serious about living up to my full potential and that this scholarship would be the stepping stone in achieving that goal. I told myself that if I don’t make it, then it would be nobody else’s fault but my own, so it’s up to me to get the hard work in now in order to succeed.”

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