Assessments and Annual Reporting

Community Engagement Data Collection & Impact Assessment:

You will find a link to the Community Engagement and Service Learning data collection survey focusing on the 2012-2013 (beginning Summer 2012 and ending Spring 2013) academic year. We are asking that you submit your information on Community Engagement by clicking the following link that will lead you to a brief survey that you can submit online. We are collecting this data campus wide. This will allow us to apply for numerous institutional awards focused on these areas as well as annual reporting for the Tennessee Campus Compact which strategically focuses on Community Engagement in higher education. We will need the surveys completed by 4:30 pm on Wednesday, March 26, 2014 in order to compile all the collected information.  


Thank you so much for your time, it is very important that we recognize those who are serving our Tech community and the Upper Cumberland communities.



Faculty Community Engagement Data Collection


Student Organization Community Engagement Data Collection    






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