Faculty Toolkit

Integrating Service with Academic Study

The Necessary First Steps

Step One: Resolving Doubts:

Step Two: Start with the Basics: who, what, when, where, why, and how questions.

Step Three: Identifying Course Competencies

Step Four: Decide Which Objectives are Best Suited to Service Learning

TTU has partnered with Campus Compact to provide resources for faculty. Please visit the Campus Compact web site for example syllabi by discipline in the Resource Links of the Service Center web site.

Take a moment to fill out our Faculty Needs Assessment and we can help you to connect your course to service.

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Recommendations for Student Assessment

In order to ensure academic integrity, it is essential that service learning be used in conjunction with rigorous evaluation. Assessment should be based on students’ demonstration of how they are integrating the service experience to course content. The following recommendations are guidelines for how to conduct assessment for service learners.

Authentic Assessment

Service Learning Course Evaluation Procedure

A course evaluation procedure has been developed in order to assess service learning on campus. We recommend that you use the following course evaluation procedure to assess the impact that service learning has on students. The procedure includes a Faculty Survey, in depth Pre- and Post-Service Student Surveys, and a Community Partner Survey.

Contact the Center for a copy of these assessment tools.

In addition to collecting data on courses that implement service learning, we are collecting data on students who choose to serve in their own capacity. The following documents are very short Pre-Service and Post-Service Surveys. We encourage faculty to send your students to the Service Center if they are interested in Service to the community.

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