Tennessee Tech Students

"I learned that treating others with respect allowed me to get respect in return."

 "I gained organizational Skills b/c I had to self-motivate and coordinate the whole thing."

 "Helps build trust and relationship skills , working as a team."

"I’m proud that TTU does give back to the Community."

"Interaction w/ kids helped me to understand what to expect in my career."

"This experience better prepared me for my future in this field."

"Helped me to open up with new people and interact better."

"It was really fun to work with other TTU Students off campus."

Center for Service Learning Brevard Community College

"The lessons I learned from this experience are priceless and I believe that every student could benefit through service learning courses."

"Service learning makes life challenging, gives me purpose, allows me to see what works in the classroom, enables me to meet diverse people, enhances my self-confidence, and enabled me to network."

"I really believe that volunteering promotes a powerful force for change for the volunteer and community."

"I know it's an experience I will never forget and always treasure."

"It has taught me to experience and apply what I learn in the classroom in the outside world."

"I fully know and believe that if it was not for my participation in service, I would not know right now what profession I wanted to pursue."