About the Web Site

Welcome to Version 6 of the Tennessee Tech web site. This is the second version that uses TechCMS, a highly modified version of an Open Source Content Management System suited to fit the needs of Tech. Every academic and administrative unit uses TechCMS to manage its content — images, files, etc., — on the web.

The Process

The design and top-tiered content is a compilation of more than three years worth of research, surveys, focus groups, and an internal audit of past web sites. The Office of Communications & Marketing and four of its subsidiaries (Web & Digital Media, News & Communications, Creative Services and Photo Services) partnered to develop a design that more accurately projects the university's identity and supports campus marketing and recruitment efforts. The content makes things easier to read and filter information. Photos scream "Tech is a great place to study and live." A new organization and technical structure make navigation smarter. The site is designed to take Tennessee Tech into the next decade.

The result is definitely Tech:  A state-of-the-art enterprise-level content management system; a permissioning system to allow departments access to update their own content in a streamlined manner; a framework to launch new and exciting database-driven applications to support the goals and missions of individual departments; and a design that proclaims "We are Tennessee TECH University."

The Future

The great thing about building a web site on a strong framework is that change can be done on a large scale in an easy manner.  What took us almost two years this time will only take us a couple of months in the future.  If we see a problem, if something is confusing, or we find a better way to do something, we can easily get in there and correct or change it.

The Feedback

This web site is for YOU.  We would love to hear any feedback you have, whether it's a suggestion for change or just a general comment.

You listened to us.  Now we'll listen to YOU.

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