Web Site Accessibility

Standards Compliant

The latest version of the Tennessee Tech web site was designed to meet the needs of all visitors, including those with disabilities.  The Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.0) document by the W3C Web Accessibility Initiative was followed and implemented where possible.

The main and departmental navigation structures are text-based, allowing assistive technologies such as screen readers and browser-based text enlargement to function easily.

Text Size

Most navigation elements on this web site are plain text, and we have provided text alternatives to all graphics. The table below describes the procedure for adjusting text size on most browsers.

BrowserMenu ItemsMac ShortcutWindows Shortcut
Internet Explorer View > Text Size > Largest . .
Firefox, Netscape View > Text Size > Increase Command+ Ctrl++
Opera View > Zoom > %





Safari View > Make Text Bigger Command+ .
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