Women and Work

  • Ahead of Time: My Early Years as a Foreign Correspondent
    by Ruth Gruber
  • America's Working Women
    by Rosalyn Baxandall, Linda Gordon, and Susan Reverby
  • Bait and Switch
    by Barbara Ehrenreich
  • Barred from the Bar: A History of Women and the Legal Profession
    by Hedda Garza
  • Best Answer
    by Deb Gottesman
  • Boss Lady's Arrival and Survival Plan
    by Jo Foxworth
  • Breaking and Entering: Police Women on Patrol
    by Susan Ehrlich –
  • Breaking the Glass Ceiling
    by Ann M. Morrison
  • Broken Patterns: Professional Women and the Quest for a New Feminine Identity
    by Anita M. Harris
  • Career Strategies for the Working Woman
    by Adele Scheele, Ph.D.
  • Cover Letters that Knock ‘Em Dead
    by M. Yate
  • Degrees of Success
    by Pam Mendelsohn
  • Diversity and Entrepreneurship: Analyzing Successful Women Entrepreneurs
    y Andrea Smith-Hunter
    Provides a comparative analysis of women entrepreneurs across racial lines (white versus minorities). The characteristics of the business owners, the characteristics of the businesses and network structures of the business owners are analyzed to determine what factors lead to economic success for the town groups of women entrepreneurs.
  • Economic Independence for Women: The Foundation for Equal Rights
    by Jane Roberts Chapman, ed.
  • The Economics of Women, Men, and Work
    by Francine D. Blau and Marianne A. Ferber
  • Enterprising Women
    by Carol Dix
  • Ethical Markets
    by Hazel Henderson
  • Every Employer's Guide to the Law
    by Lewis G. Joel IIIAn
  • Eye for Winners
    by Lilian Vernon
  • The Family Manager's Guide for Working Moms
    by Kathy Peel
  • The Forgotten Americans
    by John E. Schwarz and Thomas J. Volgy
  • Gender Traps: Conquering Confrontophobia, Toxic Bosses, and Other Land Mines at Work
    by Judith Briles
  • The Girls in the Balcony: Women, Men, and The New York Times
    by Nan Robertson
  • Hardball for Women
    by Pat Heim, Ph.D. with Susan K. Golant
  • Homeworking: Myths and Realities
    by Sheila Allen and Carol Wolkowitz
  • Juggling: A Memoir of Work, Family, and Feminism
    by Jane S. Gould
  • Lady Cop
    y Bryna Taubman
  • Life As We Have Known It
    by Margaret Llewelyn Davies, ed.
  • Keeping Your Head Up When Your Job's Got You Down
    by Doug Sherman
  • Killer Interviews
    by Frederick W. Ball and Barbara B. Ball
  • Making It Work
    by Victoria Houston
  • The Making of a Woman Surgeon
    by Elizabeth Morgan, M.D.
  • The Managerial Woman
    by Margaret Henning and Anne Jardim
  • Man's World, Woman's Place
    by Elizabth Janeway
  • The Ostrich Complex
    by Elliot Weiner, Ph.D.
  • Policing: The Occupation and the Introduction of Female Officers
    by Patricia W. Remmington
  • The Remarkable Lives of 100 Women Artists
    by Brooke Bailey
  • The Second Shift
    y Arlie Hochschild with Anne Machung
  • Sex Discrimination and the Division of Life
    by Cynthia B. Lloyd
  • Sisterhood Betrayed: Women in the Workplace and the All About Eve Complex
    by Jill Barber and Rita E. Watson
  • The Smart Woman's Guide to Career Success
    by Janet Hauter
  • The Smart Woman's Guide to Interviewing and Salary Negotiation
    by Julie Adair King
  • The Smart Woman's Guide to Networking
    by Joyce Hadley and Betsy Sheldon
  • The Smart Woman's Guide to Resumes and Job Hunting
    by Julie Adair King and Betsy Sheldon
  • Staying Alive: Women, Ecology, and Development
    by Vandana Shiva
  • The Superwoman Syndrome
    by Marjorie Hanses Shaevitz
  • The Superwoman Trap
    by Cathy Douglas
  • The St. James Women Filmmakers Encyclopedia: Women on the Other Side of the Camera edited
    by Amy L. Unterburger
  • TEMPING: The Insider's Guide
    by Richard Rogers
  • The Time Bind: When Work Becomes Home and Home Becomes Work
    by Arlie Russell Hochschild
  • Wall Street Women
    by Anne B. Fisher
  • Warrior Women: An Archaeologist's Search for History's Hidden Heroines
    by Jeannine Davis-Kimball, Ph.D.
  • What Every Woman Needs to Know to Find a Job in Today's Tough Market
    by Jean Summers
  • When Professional Women Retire...Food for Thought and Palate
    by Inga Wiehl and Ellie Heffernan
    Focuses on the loss of professional identity with retirement and shows ways of transforming that outward loss to inward gain, a process resulting in the good life as we perceive it.
  • When Women Call the Shots: The Developing Power and Influence of Women in Television and Film
    by Linda Seger
  • When Women Work Together
    by Carolyn S. Duff with Barbara Cohen, M.F.C.C.
  • With These Hands
    by Joan M. Jensen
  • Woman in a Man-Made World
    by Nona Glazer and Helen Youngelson Waehrer, eds.
  • A Woman in Residence
    by Michelle Harrison, M.D.
  • Woman's Work
    by Ann Oakley
  • Women and the Art of Negotiating
    by Juliet Nierenberg and Irene S. Ross
  • Women and the Workplace
    by Martha Blaxall and Barbara Reagan
  • Women Working
    by Ann H. Stromberg, ed.
  • Women's Work
    by Anne Tolstoi Wallach
  • Women's Work, Women's Health: Myths and Realities
    by Jeanne Mager Stillman
  • Working From Home
    by Paul and Sarah Edward
  • The Working Woman's Guilt Guide
    by Mary C. Hickey and Sandra Salmans
  • You Don't Have to Take It
    by Ginny Nicarthy, Naomi Gottlieb, and Sandra Coffman
  • You Want Me to Do WHAT?
    by Nan DeMars
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