2011 Wastewater Reuse Survey Results

In 2011, the Center for the Management, Utilization and Protection of Water Resources and the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation (TDEC) distributed the sixth annual survey of Tennessee wastewater treatment utilities (only those that are legally allowed to handle 0.1 million of gallons or more of water per day [mgd]) to find out which ones were using water conservation and water reuse practices.  A survey like this is important to Tennessee as it faces strong pressures on its water resources from human use, and the 2011 results are below.

You may also view the results from TDEC's website at http://tn.gov/environment/stormh2o/MS4.shtml.  The wastewater reuse survey is found in the "Helpful Links" box in the bottom right corner. 

2011 Results

This table shows the number of facilities that reuse water in each TDEC Environmental Field Office District.  It also shows how the treated wastewater was used within each district (how many golf courses, schools and parks were irrigated with it, etc.).  Note: None of the facilities used the treated wastewater for residence irrigation, park irrigation, school irrigation, public access irrigation, edible crops, or groundwater recharge and indirect reuse.


TDEC Environ. Field Office   No. of Reuse Systems                   Area of Golf Courses Irrigated                      Area of Grass, Pasture, Other Crops Irrigated                          
Chattanooga 0 0  0
Columbia 2  154  0
Cookeville 0  0  0
Jackson 0  0  0
Johnson City 1  0  0
Knoxville 0  0  0
Memphis 0  0  0
Nashville 1  0  10
2011 Total 3  154 acres  10 acres

 The following table summarizes the way reuse water was used among the systems that practiced the technique.  It also includes the number of reuse systems, flow and area for each reuse type.  The facilities did not report their capacities in this section. 

Reuse Type Number of Systems

Capacity (mgd)

Flow (mgd)

                Area Acres                

Public Access Areas &
Landscape Irrigation

Golf Course Irrigation 1  1.5  0.50 154
Residential Irrigaton                                   0                                                                             
Other Public Access Areas 0      
Subtotal 1 1.5 0.5 154
Agricultural Irrigation        
Edible Crops 0      
Other Crops 1  0.75  0.50  10
Subtotal 1    0.50  10

Ground Water Recharge
& Indirect Potable

Rapid Infiltration Basins  0      
Absorption Fields  0      
Surface Water Augmentation  0      
Injection  0      
Subtotal  0      
At Treatment Plant  0      
At Other Facilities  0      
Subtotal  0      
Toilet Flushing  0      
Fire Protection  0      
Wetlands  0      
Other Uses (Effluent Land Application)  0    0.4  N/A
Totals  3    1.4  164

 Adsorption Fields

a drainfield, including the application/distribution system, intended for the reuse of reclaimed water.

Indirect Potable Reuse

for these purposes, the planned discharge of reclaimed water to surface waters to augment the supply of water available for drinking and other uses.

Contact information for the systems that practice water reuse is below.

Reuse System Name County Contact Person/Title Address
Cartwright Creek- Arrington Retreat Williamson Bruce Meyer 1551 Thompsons Station Rd. W., Thompsons
Station, TN 37179
King's Creek Golf Course                           Maury                             Travis Massey                                          

3893 Mahlon Moore Rd.
Spring Hill, TN 37174

Sewanee Utility District Franklin Ben Beavers 150 Sherwood Rd., P.O. Box 3211
Sewanee, TN 37375                                                 



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