Aquatic Toxicology Archives

The following are historical aquatic toxicology-related projects. For a project description, click on the link from the title.

logo_ttualertApplication of CADDIS to an Impaired Mixed Urban/Rural Watershed
J.J. Harwood
Funding by:  Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation

logo_ttualertApplication of CADDIS to Impaired Waters in Tennessee:  Phase 2
J.J. Harwood
Funding by:  Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation

logo_ttualert Assessment of Natural Sources (Geological and Vegetation) Mercury Emissions: Speciation, Mechanisms and Significance
H. Zhang
Funding by: University of Nevada at Reno

logo_ttualert An Assessment of the Occurrence of Chemicals Causing Endocrine Disruption in Fish in the South Branch of the Potomac River-Phase III
M.J.M. Wells
Funding by: U.S. Geological Survey and West Virginia Department of Natural Resources

logo_ttualert·Developing Novel Scaffolds for Biological Molecules by Solving the I-QSAR Problem Using the Signature Molecular Description
D.P. Visco Jr.
Funding by: Sandia National Laboratories

logo_ttualert Endocrine Disruption Studies
M.J.M. Wells
Funding by:  U.S. Geological Survey 

logo_ttualert Evaluating Disinfectant By-Product Formation Potential in Source Water
M.J.M. Wells
Funding by:  Private

·logo_ttualert·Evaluating Water Pre-treatment for Removal of Atrazine and Organic Matter with Supporting Analyses
M.J.M. Wells
Funding by: Private

logo_ttualert Global Biogeochemical Cycling of Trace Metals: Transport, Transformation and Fate of Mercury in Watersheds: A Need for an Automated Gaseous Elemental Mercury Analyzer
H. Zhang
Funding by: U.S. Department of Agriculture

logo_ttualert Methamphetamine Research:  Environmental Impact and Detection
J.O. Boles, E.C. Lisic, and M.J.M. Wells
Funding by:  U.S. Department of Justice


logo_ttualertMolecular Photoredox Chemistry of Mercury in Aquatic Systems: Kinetics, Mechanism and Environmental Implication
H. Zhang
Funding by:  UT-Battelle

logo_ttualert MRI/RUI:  Acquisition of a Liquid Chromatography Mass Spectrometer for Biochemical and Environmental Analysis
J.O. Boles, M.J.M. Wells, M.C. Wells, J.J. Harwood, and J. Kim
Funding by:  National Science Foundation

logo_ttualert Separation Studies of /f/-Elements
D.D. Ensor
Funding by:  UT-Battelle, LLC for the Department of Energy, through Oak Ridge National Laboratory

logo_ttualert A Whole-Cell Biosensor Panel for Agricultural Endocrine Disruptors
M.C. Wells
Funding by:  Bard-Israel

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