General Wet Chemistry/Physical Parameters

Major anion and nutrient analyses are performed either colorimetrically, titrimetrically, or potentiometrically. The laboratory is equipped with a Bran + Luebbe dual channel TRAACS 800 AutoAnalyzer for fully automated measurement of ammonia and nitrate/nitrite. The AutoAnalyzer is run using a 486PC with TAOS software for instrument control, data processing, quality control data summary, and analytical reports. Other instruments available for the determination of nutrients and major ions include a Perkin Elmer Lambda 2 UV/ VIS scanning spectrophotometer, Orion and Fisher pH meters, and Orion specific ion meters, as well as associated balances, centrifuges, filtration apparatus, and glassware.

Ion chromatographic techniques are used for the determination of fluoride, chloride, nitrite, nitrate, bromide, phosphate, and sulfate in the parts per million range. The Dionex Model DX-600 ion chromotograph with PeakNet 6 Workstation provides analytical capabilities that conform to EPA Method 300.0 and ASTM Method D4327-84. The ion chromatograph is also used to analyze for inorganic disinfection by-products such as chlorite, chlorate, and bromate.

A Spectrex PC-2000 Laser Particle Counter is available for particle size analysis of particulate matter in water using a focused laser beam. It is rapid and non-destructive. Limits of detection are 1-10 microns in diameter and 0-999 particles per milliliter.

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