Nanoparticles in Aquatic Environments

According to a research paper, titled "Do Nanoparticles Present Ecotoxicological Risks for the Health of the Aquatic Environment?" (written by M.N. Moore and published in Environment International, Vol. 32, Issue 8, pages 967-976), "nanotechnology is a major innovative scientific and economic growth area, which may present a variety of hazards for environmental and human health.· The surface properties and very small size of nanoparticles and nanotubes provide surfaces that may bind and transport toxic chemical pollutants, as well as possibly being toxic in their own right by generating reactive radicals.· There is a wealth of evidence for the harmful effects of nanoscale combustion-derived particulates (ultrafines), which when inhaled, can cause a number of pulmonary pathologies in mammals and humans.· However, release of manufactured nanoparticles into the aquatic environment is largely an unknown."· Center researchers are delving into this emerging research area through the skills of its faculty experts in chemistry, biology and engineering.·


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