Watershed Management

Watersheds are studied for the effects that human activities have on the water quality and quantity within those regions. Researchers also analyze flooding and rainfall events within watersheds.

Geographic information systems (GIS) capabilities are used to generate maps of watersheds for use in analysis.

The following are watershed management-related projects activated in the 2012-2013 fiscal year. For descriptions of specific projects, click on those with links.

logo_ttualertDevelopment of Obed Watershed Water Resources Planning Tools and Monitoring Procedures to Assess Future Economic Growth
D. George and A. Kalyanapu
Funding by  The Nature Conservancy

logo_ttualertGainesboro Port Authority Feasibility Study
J. Matson and F. Difurio
Funding by:  Jackson County Industrial Development Board

  logo_ttualertHistoric Watershed Management Products

* The Center was involved in creating a watershed quality index (WQI) model that could be used as a tool for conceptually assessing the environmental and financial costs associated with changes in land- and water-resource practices. The WQI was developed to illustrate, in simplistic terms, the positive and/or negative impacts on receiving-water quality and quantity. For more information, click on the link below

Watershed Quality Index