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Diversity, Equity and Access Council

TBR Access and Diversity Grants (2007)

  • Summer Bridge Program for Ethnic Minorities and the Economically Disadvantaged (Awarded to Robert Owens, Director, Minority Affairs) ($37,000)
  • P-16 Outreach partnerships: Increasing Diversity and Enrollment in Engineering and STEM Disciplines (Awarded to Susan Elkins, VP and P-16 Campus Contact, Extended Programs and Regional Development) ($50,000)
  • Academic Development Learning Center (ADLC) Enhancement (Awarded to Janet Whiteaker, Coordinator/Director, Academic Development Program) ($10,000)
  • Professional Development Opportunities: Strategies for Attracting and Retaining Underrepresented Faculty and Staff (Awarded to Marc Burnett, VP for Student Affairs) ($18,750)

TBR Diversity Grants (Research) (2008)

  • Determination of Predictors and Barriers to Minority Enrollment in Undergraduate Exercise Science and Allied-Health majors (Awarded to J. P. Barfield and M. Rhonda Folio, Department of Exercise Science, Physical Education and Wellness) ($41,798.56)