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Diversity, Equity and Access Council

Policies Dedicated to Improving Access

Currently TTU has a policy pertaining to Affirmative Action, Equal Employment Opportunity and Discrimination. While not specifically geared toward increasing accessibility, the policy does address discrimination. Awareness as to the consequences of discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex, national origin, disability status, age or status as veteran can make the university more attractive to potential students, thereby improving accessibility. (See Appendix 1)

2007-2008 TTU Strategic Planning Initiatives. One of the three areas in the strategic plan specifically pertains to enhancing the rate and diversity of participation in higher education by Tennesseans

Other policies to improve accessibility include those that allow for compass exams, “academic fresh start,” senior citizen fee waivers, state employee fee waivers, diverse test acceptance for international students

Programs Dedicated to Improving Access

Extended Programs & Regional Development and the School of Interdisciplinary Studies is a TTU-wide outreach and service unit whose mission is to provide greater access to education through innovative, high quality educational opportunities in response to changing needs of the diverse population within TTU’s service area and beyond. This mission is carried out by creating and maintaining partnerships with campus academic units and external entities to provide:

  • Credit and non-credit off-campus courses
  • Campus evening and weekend courses
  • Distance learning offerings
  • Special courses and events
  • Service activities
  • Interdisciplinary degrees

The service area includes the following, and additional information about specific goals and accomplishments may be found here.

Community Colleges

  1. Chattanooga State Technical—Hamilton
  2. Cleveland State—Bradley
  3. Motlow State—Lincoln, Moore, Warren
  4. Nashville State—Putnam
  5. Pellissippi State Technical—Knox
  6. Roane State—Anderson, Cumberland, Roane, Scott
  7. Volunteer State—Overton, Sumner

Tennessee Technology Centers

  1. TTCA—Athens
  2. TTCC—Crossville
  3. TTCH—Harriman
  4. TTCH—Hartsville
  5. TTCH—Oneida/Huntsville
  6. TTCL—Livingston
  7. TTCM—McMinnville
  8. TTCS—Shelbyville

Results: Increasing Access and Enrollment through Innovative Programs

Through partnerships with academic and administrative units across campus, the following innovative programs have increased access for students and resulted in the following enrollment increase for the University…

2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007
2+2 Program 69 147 214 278 335
Other Off-Campus 287 341 359 370 425 433 244 278
Regents Online Degree Program 17 55 87 121 136 170 199
Distance MBA 7 30 38 57 71 81
Distance EXPW 8 13 15 25 24
Other Online Instruction 35 14 4 38 29 222 254
ALL 287 392 436 572 782 884 1010 1070

Other programs include:

  • 2+2 Program
  • STEM Center programs
  • Fast Track in Engineering
  • Programs in Nursing and Engineering designed to bring potential students to campus (e.g. Engineering a Future)
  • Various programs/scholarships which improve access by providing opportunity to underserved groups (see attachment)

2. TTU Strategic Planning Initiatives

2007-2008: Incentives to Support the TTU Strategic Plan


For the academic year 2007-2008 the University targeted three areas in the Strategic Plan with special incentives to assist units with implementing activities. The three were:

  • 2.1 “Enhance the rate and diversity of participation in higher education by Tennesseans.” (2 proposed projects were funded)
  • 3.1 “Increase alumni involvement in activities that promote life-long learning, program improvement, and the mentoring of current students.” (4 proposed projects were funded)
  • 3.2 “Enhance student involvement to promote healthy social relationships, academic success, and a sense of community within the university.” (4 proposed projects were funded)


Planning units will have until June 29, 2007 to update their 2008 strategic plan with goals that relate to the University strategic goals noted above.

  • The unit goal must relate to one of the three strategic goals noted above and have the appropriate check box selected in the Institutional Effectiveness Support System.
  • Up to $500 must be entered in the “Dollar Amount Requested” filed if related to goal 3.1.
  • Up to $1000 must be entered in the “Dollar Amount Requested’ field if related to goal 2.1 or goal 3.2.
  • An explanation of how the funds will be used must be included in the action plan.
  • The number of alumni and or students that will be involved should be clearly explained.
  • Funds received must be expended by the end of the fiscal year.
  • The effects of these incentives must be explained in the end-of-the-year progress updates.

The funds will be made available in the 2007-2008 fiscal year. Proposals will be funded that have the greatest likelihood of positively impacting progress on the strategic plan.

Other Programs

The Office of Admissions periodically sends TTU ambassadors to high schools throughout the region. They attend career day activities and similar functions to inform high school juniors and seniors of what TTU has to offer.

The graduate school, in particular, has several contractual relations with community colleges and technical schools that allow it to serve the educational needs of individuals who cannot commute regularly to TTU’s main campus.

The TTU Summer Scholars Program is a scholarship program of sorts, but its function – bridging the gap between high school and college for high school graduates – also makes it an outreach program. Information on this program can be found here.

Summer Camps: More than 7,000 people visit TTU in the summer season for cheerleading and dance, music or sports camps, or science and engineering workshops.

ACE Camp (African-American College and Career Camp)

No longer being funded by TBR post Geier—Was a summer camp for African-American high school students.

“Engineering a Future” program encouraging young women to enter the fields of Engineering, Science, and Math—(7th and 8th grade students)

Multicultural Affairs

  • Newly developed Black Alumni Association
  • Newly developed black alumni reunions at homecoming
  • Recruiting at predominantly minority high schools in Chattanooga, Memphis, and Nashville