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Diversity, Equity and Access Council

Partial Inventory of Current Campus Organizations Dedicated to Improving Access

Still seeking feedback as to which campus organizations work to improve access. Those responding include:

  • Alpha Phi Mu (Jessica Matson, adv)
    Industrial engineering honors society; increasing accessibility by focusing on the academic climate within the Industrial and Systems Engineering Department and through activities aimed at student retention and career development (peer advising, assistance, workshops, tutoring, review sessions)
  • American Institute of Chemical Engineers (Holly Stretz, adv)
    Has teamed with SWE and the Dept of Chemical Engineering to generate and implement a program to retain women engineers through a variety of activities (mentoring, tutoring, etc); nominates chemical engineers for minority awards at the national AIChE level
  • Chi Alpha Christian Fellowship (Scott Northrup)
    Weekly worship and Bible studies attracts large number of ethnic minorities
  • Institute of Industrial Engineers (Jessica Matson, adv)
    IE typically attracts a higher percentage of students from underrepresented groups than do other engineering majors. IIE assists in recruiting and outreach; invites undecided majors to attend tours, recruits from area high schools and community colleges, assists with Engineering a Future, conducts area service projects, offers peer advising/workshops/tutoring
  • National Society of Black Engineers (Tony Marable, adv)
    Works with the College of Engineering in assisting with new student retention through peer mentoring
  • Nontraditional Student Organization (Lachelle Norris, adv)
    The NTSO serves as a club for nontraditional students and assists the NTS Mentoring Center. The Center was created, and exists, to assist nontraditional students in reaching their goal of securing a college degree. This mission is accomplished by providing resources to address their issues and answer questions they might have, or provide a means by which to find the information on their own. We also strive to complete our mission by creating a sense of community among nontraditional students, by providing mentors, forums and opportunities for students to connect with and support one another. As many nontraditional students are from the Upper Cumberland area, these two organizations assist in making the university more accessible to this underserved population. The NTSO also sponsors a Transformations Conference annually to bring adults from the area to campus to learn more about higher education.
  • TTU Baja SAE (Dale Wilson)
    Numerous outreach events, which brings people from all over the Upper Cumberland region to campus
  • TTU Chess Club (Paul Semmes)
    Hosts tournaments bringing players K-12 from all over the state to TTU, particularly from the Upper Cumberland area
  • Numerous international student clubs provide support and mentoring to international students, and education to the public thereby improving access by improving the collegiate and community environment. Such organizations include the Indian Association, Muslim Students Organization, One World, Saudi Club, and XI

Student Subpopulations

  • Student Athletes
  • African American Students
  • Honors Students
  • First Generation College Students
  • Students with Disabilities
  • Native American Students
  • Nontraditional Students
  • Working Students
  • Residence Hall Students
  • Greek Students
  • Transfer Students
  • International Students
  • Hispanic/Latino Students
  • Gay/Lesbian/Bisexual/Transgender Students
  • Asian American Students

Minority Affairs

  • Peer Mentoring program
  • Tutoring program
  • Professional Development Series (Minority TTU Alumni speak to students once per month throughout the school year)