About Tennessee Tech

Senior Administration

Tennessee Tech is governed by a Board of Trustees and led by President Philip B. Oldham. The university's senior administrative team is responsible for managing the university's operations through administrative units and schools. Additionally, the Faculty Senate and Student Government Association make recommendations to the president in matters pertaining to their constituencies.

Philip Oldham, President | poldham@tntech.edu | (931) 372-3241

Oldham is the chief executive officer of the university and responsible for official communication with the Tennessee Tech Board of Trustees. He directs the establishment of and commitment to the University's mission, strategic goals and objectives, and affirmative action. He directs the administration of and approves fiscal and facilities planning, as well as educational, research, and public service operations and policies of the institution. The vice presidents of Academic Affairs, Planning and Finance, Student Affairs, Research and Economic Development, and University Advancement report directly to the president, as does the Director of Internal Audit, Director of Athletics, Chief Information Officer, and University Counsel.

President's Cabinet

Kevin Braswell, Vice President for University Advancement | kbraswell@tntech.edu | (931) 372-6092

Braswell is responsible for managing the university’s comprehensive institutional advancement program. As chief development officer, he leads all fundraising, alumni and development activities. He also serves as a member of the president's cabinet to develop and support strategic decisions. As vice president, he oversees the offices of Advancement Services, Alumni Relations, Development and Communications & Marketing, as well as serves as liaison with the TTU Foundation.

Marc Burnett, Vice President for Student Affairs | mburnett@tntech.edu | (931) 372-3411

As the lead student affairs administrator, Burnett works with students, faculty, and staff to create and maintain student development. He oversees policies and programs performed within the Division of Student Affairs which includes: Counseling Center, Dean of Students, Eagle Card, Greek Life, Health Services, Minority Affairs, Orientation and Student Success, Recreation and Fitness Center, Residential Life, Student Activities, and the Roaden University Center.

Kae Carpenter, University Counsel | kcarpenter@tntech.edu | (931) 372-3269

Carpenter provides legal assistance to support the University in accomplishing its mission. She advises the University administration on a broad range of initiatives, policy matters, and issues. Other duties include serving as a liaison between the University and its related and affiliated entities on legal and policy issues; review of University contracts and agreements; and representing the University before federal and state administrative bodies.

Leslie Crickenberger, Associate Vice President for Enrollment Management & Student Success (interim) | lcrickenberger@tntech.edu

The associate vice president for enrollment management and student success provides leadership for student recruitment, Financial Aid, Records & Registration, Military and Veteran Affairs, Advisement and Academic Services related to student success.

Mark Stephens, Interim Provost & Vice President for Academic Affairs | mstephens@tntech.edu | (931) 372-3224

The provost and vice president for Academic Affairs, Ghorashi is the chief academic officer of the university. The provost oversees the following university academic units: College of Agriculture and Human Ecology, College of Arts and Sciences, College of Business, College of Education, College of Engineering, Graduate Studies, Honors Program, College of Interdisciplinary Studies, Whitson-Hester School of Nursing. Additionally, the following programs report to the provost: Enrollment Management and Student Success, Army ROTC, University 1020, Institutional Research, Senior Associate Provost (Appalachian Craft Center, International Education, Career Services), and Associate Provost (Assessment and Performance Funding, Accreditation).

Christy Killman, President of Faculty Senate | ckillman@tntech.edu | (931) 372-3467

Killman serves as the president of Tech's Faculty Senate, which is the representative voice of the teaching and research faculty and provides a forum for the free discussion of any issue of interest or of concern to members of the faculty. It also serves in an advisory capacity by conveying the results of such discussions to the administrative officers and to the faculty. She is also the chairperson of the College of Education's Department of Exercise Science, Physical Education and Wellness.

Karen Lykins, Associate Vice President for Communications & Marketing | klykins@tntech.edu | (931) 372-3214

Lykins oversees and strategically plans the university's public relations, communications and marketing efforts. She typically serves as the university's primary media spokesperson. She supervises the Office of Communications & Marketing, which coordinates and supports the university's communications and enhances TTU's recognition and image through the media. The office is the hub for campus publications, media relations and web design.

Terry Saltsman, Chief Information Officer & Assistant to the President for Strategic Projects | tsaltsman@tntech.edu | (931) 372-3200

In his role, Saltsman leads, directs and promotes collaborative efforts for the development and expansion of educational opportunities with TTU. He oversees special projects and promotes government relations. He serves as a general liaison with state and federal agencies and legislative leaders. Saltsman currently serves as interim Chief Information Officer, overseeing TTU Information Technology Services.

Bharat Soni, Vice President for Research & Economic Development | bsoni@tntech.edu | (931) 372-6074

The vice president for Research and Economic Development provides leadership of research efforts in strategic alignment with regional economic development efforts. He directs the Office of Research and oversees the Millard Oakley STEM Center, Regional Economic Development Institute, and the Center for the Management, Utilization and Protection of Water Resources.

Claire Stinson, Vice President for Planning & Finance | cstinson@tntech.edu | (931) 372-3311

Stinson is the chief business and fiscal officer of the university and responsible to the president for the receiving, disbursement, and accounting of all monies due the university. She is responsible for disbursing all funds in accordance with the annual budget. Through the Business Office and its staff members, the vice president makes purchases for the university. Stinson also administers the financial and accounting aspects of student loans, grants, and scholarships. The vice president provides financial management of auxiliary enterprises of the University, which includes Dining Services and the Bookstore. She is also responsible for the physical plant of the university and campus planning.

Mark Wilson, Director of Athletics | mwilson@tntech.edu | (931) 372-3940

The director of Athletics is responsible to the president for the overall direction, coordination and supervision of all areas of Tennessee Tech’s NCAA Division I Intercollegiate Athletics program. He manages and provides leadership to 16 varsity athletic teams and athletics administrative/support areas, including Athletics Academic Advising, Business/Personnel, Corporate Sales/Marketing/Promotions, Development, Facilities/Game Operations, Licensing, NCAA Compliance, Sports Information/Broadcasting, Sports Medicine, Strength/Conditioning and Tickets. His primary function is to promote student-athlete success and welfare in the academic setting and in competition, while incorporating ethical conduct and good sportsmanship. All areas under his direction serve as major public relations outlets for the university and the region, and as entertainment for students and the community.

Other Senior Administrators

Jack Butler, Associate Vice President for Facilities & Business Services | jbutler@tntech.edu | (931) 372-3227

Butler manages, plans and monitors the university’s Facilities and Business Services operation including, HVAC & other utility systems, construction, building and grounds maintenance, renovations, preventative maintenance programs, recycling programs, energy conservation, custodial standards, warehousing, vehicle maintenance, telephone and cable TV systems and university procurement. Supervises and evaluates Facilities and Business Services administrative and professional staff.

Leslie Crickenberger, Associate Vice President for Human Resources | lcrickenberger@tntech.edu | (931) 372-3034

Crickenberger assists the vice president of Planning & Finance in all areas of human resources. The associate vice president is responsible for employee recruiting and relations, diversity, benefits, compensation, payroll, and faculty/staff awards.

Sharon Huo, Associate Provost for Accreditation, Assessment & Faculty Development | xhuo@tntech.edu | (931) 372-3224

Huo assists the Provost and Senior Associate Provost in a variety of academic activities. She serves as the university’s SACSCOC Liaison and oversees accreditation and assessment activities at the university. She coordinates the undergraduate academic program initiatives and modifications. She is the TTU Coordinator for the THEC Quality Assurance Funding program and the TBR-Mandated Program Reviews and Academic Audits. Huo supervises the Office of University Assessment, Center for Teaching and Learning Excellence, Quality Enhancement Plan, Faculty Development, and Undergraduate Research (URECA).

Francis Otuonye, Associate Vice President for Research | fotuonye@tntech.edu | (931) 372-3374

Francis Otuonye assists the vice president for research and economic development in accomplishing the strategic research goals of the university to include development of collaborative relationships with external constituents to enhance the acquisition of grants and contracts; facilitate administrative processes and procedures related to proposal development, negotiation, activation and completion of funded projects; execute intellectual property applications; ensure research compliance with university, Tennessee Board of Regents, state and federal guidelines and policies.

Mark Stephens, Senior Associate Provost for Academic Support | mstephens@tntech.edu | (931) 372-3224

Stephens assists the Provost in accomplishing goals of the University's central academic division. He supervises Graduate Studies Administration and the operations of the International Education and Career Services Offices, along with the operation of the Appalachian Center for Craft. Stephens oversees the university's faculty development programs and Honors Program.

Patrick Wilson, Associate Vice President for Online & Distance Education | pwilson@tntech.edu | (931) 372-3224

Wilson assists the provost in all areas of digital and distance education. The associate vice president is responsible for online education via TNeCampus, distance learning and non-credit programs, and off-campus programs.

Jeff Young, Associate Vice President for Business & Fiscal Affairs | jyoung@tntech.edu | (931) 372-3311

Young assists the vice president of Planning & Finance in all areas of fiscal affairs. The associate vice president is responsible for foundation accounting, investments, cash management, accounts payable, general accounting, and bursar responsibilities including accounts receivable, cashiers, and loan accounting. Other areas include financial reporting and budget.